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With the benefit of hindsight, it’s safe to say that Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas shouldn’t have gotten married.

As we’ve reported the marriage was quite tumultuous and they’ve since parted, but guess who’s footing the bill? Or should we say guess who got a nice settlement?

Well, here’s a clue. The Why Did I Get Married and Empire actress referred to him as a “glorified assistant.” OK, cutting to the chase, according to the court documents, Smith was ordered to hand over nearly $7k/month in spousal support to Douglas. That’s on top of the $50k she already sent his way in December, according to TMZ.

On the other hand, the ex “assistant” didn’t get everything. Douglas had to give Tasha’s Mercedes back to her.

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14 thoughts on “Tasha Smith Ordered To Pay Ex-Husband 7K In Spousal Support

  1. People say they want equality! Well is that only when it puts you first? If you switched him for her you wouldn’t have a problem! Our values are already skewed so this actually is equality! In todays world. Breadwinner pays! New age men have only filpped the scrip because women cry out for quality but only when it suits them! You finally get it and don’t like the sound of it! Men shouldn’t hit but women shouldn’t slap! Do you agree???

  2. panthersdec on said:

    She was on Wendy Williams several months bragging about how happy they were. I guess “Sal” is calling Sherri right now you gonna pay up now or what.

    • In the entertainment or CEO world, its called being able to CONTINUE to live in the same manner I have grown accustom to while married to you… if a wife of a billionaire gets divorced, she want enough alimony and/or child support to allow her to CONTINUE to live the way she did while she was married to that billionaire. He or she does NOT want to downsize on any level. Just like if it were the other way around….Tasha was making the higher salary…which allowed them to live accordingly, so now that they are divorcing, HE does not want to have to live in a manner LESS than what he was living while he was married to her….so SHE has to pay HIM. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Women scratch and claw for the big bucks alimony and child support but it you switch roles, the man is entitled to his equal share of the compensatio as well. Similarly, if the man has custody of his children…HE can file for child support from the mother ……and get it…because by law, he is entitled to

  3. Roberda on said:

    i agree!! women need to have a prenuptial agreement also. especially since these men are not in the position as the women money wise.

  4. I said it. on said:

    $7,000 a month, for how long? Women need to be like men who have money and make sure they have a prenuptial agreement. These new age “men” have flipped the script.

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