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Kirk Franklin is weighing in on Creflo Dollar’s campaign to raise money to purchase a Gulfstream G-650 jet , which is valued at $65 million. And he is not happy with the megachurch pastor.

In Franklin’s eyes, it’s “a shortage of character” when more attention is paid to a luxury private jet when there are folks around the world who are suffering.

“When a pastor wants people to buy him a private plane while a missionary in Somalia bathes children with sores, that’s a shortage of character,” Franklin stated last week in a post on titled “The High Cost of Character.” “When I camouflage my ‘greeds’ to look like ‘needs,’ that’s a shortage of character.”

Franklin’s comments come amid the backlash Dollar has received for his campaign. In a video message last week, Dollar stated that he needed a new jet to spread the gospel.

“If all of our existing partners were to sow $300 each, from all over the world, we’d be able to acquire this jet in a very, very short period of time,” said Rick Hayes, project manager.

Despite the effort, CBN reports that Dollar has stopped seeking donations for the campaign.

According to the televangelist’s publicist, Juda Engelmayer, “There is no campaign for a jet.”

Engelmayer goes on to say that Dollar is taking commercial flights and the suspended fundraiser “is not representative” of what Creflo Dollar stands for.

But for Franklin, it goes beyond the asking of money, and into the heart. It’s not about laws, but rather about how to bring morality into the choices we make.

“I agree you cannot legislate morality in our culture, but you cannot avoid holding people accountable,” he wrote. “You can’t let people slide by just because they are charismatic and can ‘kill’ a room. We don’t have a shortage of greatness, we have a shortage of character.”

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145 thoughts on “Kirk Franklin Calls Out Creflo Dollar – Donations for $65M Plane Curtailed

  1. doc nelson on said:

    folks, Dollar just zipped my mouth…..while he is seeking a jet worth that amount, he’d better pray hard because as Franklin puts it there are millions around the world who need every penny to help humanity…..I sold my all to get my child who suffered CP (cerebral pulsy) and to date still need USD $500 per year to purchase pampers, and there are many more who suffer with such kind of children here in Africa, wish Rev Dollar called on people to raise money for him to facilitate help the unfortunate around the globe…

  2. Rachel on said:

    JEALOUSY AND ENVY it is oozing out of you. The wealth of the wicket is laid up for the just. There is a particular denomination that is worth $Billions of dollars and none of you (black, white, yellow, green, purple or orange) would peep one word of disdain against it. Pastor Creflo Dollar will stand before the judgment seat of God just like ALL of us and give an account. There are those who spend $Millions on golf course, palatial homes, private bids for broken down old cars to be refurbished, diamonds, art and the like and your fat lips are quiet. Those in the body of Christ with your jealousy, you reveal yourselves in your comments. Like you give $.02 about the poor, needy or downtrodden here in America much less abroad. Stop glorifying yourselves and do what the word of God says. Tithe 10% (Malachi 3:8-12) want to be Christian’s and the body of Christ would have more than enough funds to do the work Jesus told us to do. Get out of the poor MENTALITY that Satan has deceived you into and you would not have to envy Pastor Creflo Dollar. Planes get old just like cars, buses, limousines, trucks and the like so STEP OFF.

    • TazJazz on said:

      Have the entire pew of seats sweetie. Your mind is completely warped and you sound like you need to be medicated. First off, you sound as if the work of the enemy has already gotten you……and i’ll end it there as i sip this tea….#GirlBye

    • James on said:

      Rachel, first thing you have to do is read the bible for yourself. Man has mastered the art of interpretation to fit their square scripture pegs, into their round corporate agendas. Yes every one of us will stand before the master to be held accountable for what we’ve done. But scripture also tell us in Matthew 18:15-18, read it for yourself. Mr. Dollar has been over the edge for a long time. And has been approached by many in private with two or three witnesses. Which has not deterred him. Im afraid Kirk is the first of many to come that will rebuke Mr. Dollar for his blatant error. Because he teach others to follow his example. Because they have to consider the blood of those that follow into a ditch on their own hands.

  3. TigerSF on said:

    This is a case of sheeples in need of a shepherd who can say things they desperately want to hear and only a con man can deliver. These clueless sheeps have been fleeced for so long, it ain’t a big thing for a con man like Dollar to ask for more dollars.

    Jesus the mythology was commissioned by Emperor Constantine and backdated his supposed existence by 325 years. It was an attempt to use religion as a form of political ideology to help Rome managed its diverse empire as much as Spanish was created from Latin to give the Roman Empire a common language. The Roman Empire still exist to this day and it exercises its considerable control from the seat of Vatican.

    It is no accident why Jesus had no childhood, why not one hand written letter from him to his parents or to friends or disciples existed. Nothing. Jesus was a fabrication out of thin air by morphing features and beliefs from other mythologies existing at the time. And over time, the bible was extensively edited and re-edited, translated, mis-translated, and even morphed and re-written into the Book of Mormon.

    Any religion which deals with supernaturalism is a hoax. Adults who still believe in Santa Claus would believe a hoax designed specifically to make them a slave to a con man like Dollar who knows how to rack in the dollars.

  4. Ms Curly on said:

    I think 65 million is a lot for anyone to ask for anything. Preacher or not. What makes him so special that he can’t get on a flight like everyone else. He could live 50 more years and take fly 1st class around the world every week and it would cost no where near 65 million. For those who think its a good idea, send in your money. He wont be getting anything from me. As far as Kirk watching porn, different story. He did not ask us to pay millions for it. Team Kirk.

  5. Cedric on said:

    Hold up they said Taffy and his daughters were in London.. Think about this there was no ministry being done. They were shopping so this plane will be used not just for ministry.

  6. chuck on said:

    Moses had a staff, a rob, and flip flops and he parted the Red Sea. He moved people with his message, not with his jet. by the way doesn’t he have one already? these clowns are a piece of work

  7. COQUI on said:

    (((wowww))) it seems as if these “preachers of vomit” have COMPLETLEY ignored the consequences that come with “fleecing tha’flock”, my opinion is this…these: money moochin’, wolves in sheeps clothing, business men…should put up what$ needed together, from their OWWWN personal bank accounts, “WE” alllllll know an can see their “loaded”…(go and ask other “preachers of vomit” for MORRRE money) do not ask the ones who are looking to “you” for direction and spiritual guidance.
    Jesus said it Best when He said…”you recieve FREE, Give FREE…” (these men dont realize “they” are part of the sign of The End This System of Things)…again i say…(((wowww!)))

  8. Most of these pastors (even if they started off right) have developed a sense of entitlement to other peoples moneys and are selling the Good News. I have stopped giving any pastor money because they do ‘scam’ their congregants for it. If they truly believe in God, they will not put that pressure, only teach and then see how God will supply their needs. Surely setting up a fund raiser to buy a plane is a bit much. Well, I wouldn’t contribute as it is okay for him to go by the best class in public transport. Humility is the key.

  9. its a shortage of character for sure. You dont need a jet to spread the gospel, all you need is to walk around your community and identify the people who truly are in need, support them, love them, and thats the Gospel,

  10. Duane Terrell on said:

    LOL, this is simple. If you want to give your $300 to the poor, then give it to the poor and not Creflo. If you have $300 to spend on something extra and you don’t mind giving that money to Creflo so he can fly around in a g50 spreading the gospel then give your $300 to Creflo.

    This rocket science. Also, who do you think is going to build that Jet? That’s Right!!! People who would be unemployed and among the poor if those Jets were not in production. So quit freaking complaining about nothing. He isn’t forcing anyone to do anything.

  11. Charles Riley on said:

    It is a shame this pastor that is trying to buy that plane is a pastor at all. I think he is just a con man pushing the envelope. 65 million will buy a lot of plane tickets and could help a lot of people.

  12. Michael on said:

    Criticizing is not bad but we have to be careful that we do not get judgmental where hell is concerned. We can judge so that we can listen to or not listen to people who preach but to wish someone would go to hell is certainly not what is required of us. Pastors are also to be prayed for as they are bombarded by the enemy more than other people.

  13. He is in no way shape or form a pastor, or a Christian… This is why people hate Christianity… Is what this low life doing biblical…the answer is NO… He is a messenger of satan disguised as a Christian…A true Christian with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit could not do such a thing…Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Matthew 7:15… God will have his day and I would not want to be him…but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.
    Matthew 18:6… Just because someone says he’s a Christian does not mean he’s a Christian… If someone told you they could play a mean guitar wouldn’t you need proof of that to make a judgment…? If he couldn’t play a lick then he’s not a guitar player… If he doesn’t bear fruit or abide in the Word of God then he’s not a Christian…

  14. Lala dodi on said:

    Creflo Dollar because your name is Dollar you thing you can get every dollar poor people work for so hard day and night. man take a commercial fly like eveybody else. who do you think you are?

  15. James on said:

    Looks like Kirk has joined the ranks of so many who instead of looking into what World Changers does GLOBALLY and the fact that Pastor Dollar doesn’t take a salary from the church BEFORE opening is mouth. It’s even more sad that someone with his platform who has the ability to actually reach out to Pastor Dollar to get an understanding would chose to blast the man. Before dogging the man, I would say do some research on what the church is doing in Atlanta and around the world. Globally ministry requires more than people realize. People keep talking about what $65 million could be used for but none of those people are doing anything to help anybody but themselves.

    • GC Ambrose on said:

      I respect your opinion but what has World Changers done of any real substance in its
      own Collage Park community or even at the church, I have been at World Changers were
      they passed the bucket for a member in need. Shouldn’t part of the “tithe” taken be used
      as a benevolent offering? Isn’t Mr. Dollar paid for most of his international appearances along
      with expenses for travel costs?
      I think most would perceive Mr. Dollars 68 million request to be arrogant and not of Christian
      compassion or humility.

      • James on said:

        Sorry, but I don’t need you to respect my “opinion” because that’s not what I offered. What I said was for people to do a little homework first before making comments. That’s great that you “visited” the church. I visited South Africa for 10 days once but could not go into detail about what Nelson Mandela did or the experience of apartheid. The problem with stuff like this is that people offer their opinions which are thoughts not based on facts. The funny thing is that Pastor Dollar didn’t ask the world for money, he asked his supporters which like his ministry are global. I will say this, if God has not called you, your pastor, or your church to a global ministry then fine but don’t criticize someone who is. We should all be using discernment with our giving whether it’s our home church or to another endeavor and if God didn’t tell you to give, then don’t. People sound so stupid making reference to those in the bible. Of course they didn’t have a jet. That was a different time and God dealt with people differently. Jesus sent a disciple to get a colt and a donkey for him and told the disciple if they question you, tell them that it is for me. So Jesus didn’t pay for the brand new donkey and colt, he asked for it and it was given to him for his use. I need for people to actually read the bible in context instead of cherry picking scripture to bash people.

    • How do you know if he takes a salary or not? WHat we do know is Creflo owns several multi million dollar homes around the world. No one “needs” a $65 million jet, no matter how you try to justify it. Period.

  16. Chris on said:

    Got to know Kirk as a former neighbor. He is a fine man of great character. I am so proud of him to point out the ridiculousness of what Dollar or his ministry was doing. Really people wake up and just don’t blindly follow these so called “minister of greed”. I can’t stand these self-serving people who says that they do things in the name of God. What blasphemy!

    • please!!!!! how is kirk franklin going TO CALL SOMEBODY, OUT WITH HIS PORN, AND HIS WIFE ALMOST LEAVING HIM, BECAUSE HE WAS SO INVOVLED WITH HIS LATE NIGHT, porn… they all need to Quit.. he was addicted to porn, they all preach from there bellies. just to collect that money from middle class poor people. leading these people to a devil, preaching to them like they are Gentiles, which they are not.. it is all a scam.. wake up people!! we are the trible of Judah, we are the chosen people of God,, and they are preaching to us about RICHES, money!! you can be RIch,, GOd says if I wanted you to be wealthy ,, I will make you wealthy… wake up People..

    • latera dean on said:

      Seriously,we all have a past. Kirk never said he was perfect. He may have been addicted to porn but he didnt ask his congregation for 65 million dollars. Stop being so quick to judge, he’s human. He made a mistake and i’m sure he’s made his peace wih God about it.

  17. Connie on said:

    This man preaches from the human, self-serving perspective. This is NOT biblical, it’s not accurate, it’s demonic at best – he works on the human passion to create wealth – this IS NOT HOW THE KINGDOM OF GOD WORKS. Please read the Bible, acquire wisdom, discernment. Creflo Dollars Kingdom will fall unless he repents of his earthly endeavors!

    • latera dean on said:

      Connie you are so right. Crelo Dollar has a superego, he only thinks about himself and what he’s doing is not of God. He’s using the name of God for his own benefit and so many people have fallen prey to this mockery.

  18. kudos to kirk. if would have called him out i would have been called a racist. yeah what would happen to Jesus if cref passed away. yeah god needs cref. just ask him. crefs a CEO

  19. TigerSF on said:

    If Dollar wants to show the world his God’s miracle, he needs no $65 million dollars for a plane. He can ask God for a pair of wings and fly anywhere anytime like an angel. Doesn’t he believe in angel? And a pair of wings is very green and does not pollute the air and space his God created. And it’s free and won’t even cost a dollar. So Pastor Dollar, that’s how far a dollar can go! Hallelujah!

    • straightnochaser on said:

      Better yet, he can invest $65 dollars in a pair of Nikes and walk. It worked for Jesus, and he most likely did it in sandals.

    • Vickie on said:


      • TigerSF on said:

        If one can not make judgment based on moral conscience, then God is dead. God is a mythological concept endured to this day for the benefit of people who can not comprehend the complexity of life.

  20. realt on said:

    Kirk might won’t to make sure he not still looking at porn. He needs to be mindful we all make mistakes.

    Rev. Dollar is doing what he think Jesus told him. He ask, he didn’t mandate it. Many actors get on tv to ask us for $50 a month to feed the needy when they have millions (they can donate way more than the average can), too, but we don’t call them out.

  21. lorenzo on said:

    I am hopeful that the pastor does get the plane. he has demonstrated a level of commitment that has created change in thousands of lives daily. My hope is that after he obtain the plane, he also ask the partners and members of the church to also start their own banking systems to help those in the church and community.

  22. GC Ambrose on said:

    I attended World Changers until a mature Pastor asked me “is the Gospel being taught there?”. I thought it was but learned it wasn’t.

    While at World Changers I did question why ” a man of God” needed a highly trained security force, to make sure he wasn’t touched by Church members and lose his “anointing”.

    I also questioned why a tithing member of World Changers had to go in front of the Church to ask for assistance. I guess the tithes collected were not used as part of a benevolent offering.

    I am glad that a real man of God started me to question what I was receiving at World Changers.
    I pray that Mr. Dollar and his followers mature in God and learn to read and apply God’s word in truth and not just for personal gain.

  23. Classic example of “the blind leading the blind” here. And it will persist until Christians open their eyes and see these so-called men of Gof for what they are. Not all are deceitful, but still too many exists in this world

  24. By the sound of (some) comments on this blog…..I can see why Creflo $$$$$ felt comfortable asking for 65 mil. He knew he would have lots of people that would take the bite, and wait for their blessings. And, they will be waiting a loooooong time

  25. Does my heart good to know that it is not only the white televangelist that are money grubbing snakes. Regardless of color a snake will bite you if you get too close.

  26. samuel starks on said:

    You have 13.6 million people have been displaced by the war in Ieaq and Syria. 2.1 billion of people live on less than 2 dollars a
    day. 880 million or more live on less than a dollar a day.1.5 million of people die each year from hunger.Mr. Creflo and other
    preaches like him feel the most inportant thin is get his 65
    million private jet, His heart is in worldly things,and not things
    of God. If the people give him what he wants,what that say
    about them.

  27. bryan on said:

    I like kirks way of is more Godly to think of others than self and self needs.kirk I believe you are a good man with good intentions and I just pray others will see the light like you have.bless you brother.

  28. You need to keep your mouth shut!!! Where has your greedy hand been? If people want to send him money it is their business. How much are you sending to feed the poor? Bucket mouth shut up!!! Offerings are free will. Jump on sports fines that make ridiculous amounts and give back crap!!!! I’d hate to dangle a carrot before you!!!

  29. A man of god doesn’t call himself Dollar!!!!!!… He doesn’t ask for more and more riches…. He is a pimp…. nothing more… nothing less….. they should call him…. “Bit… give me my dollars!!!!!

  30. miamac on said:

    Thank you Kirk for speaking out. Enough is just enough smh. And we the people who put them on pedalstals as if they are God are to blame. God is NOT pleased.

  31. TigerSF on said:

    As Mark Twain said, religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool. Well, over the years, we do not have any shortage of fools nor con men.

  32. you know i never knew that god told people to buy jets may be this guy should get a fast pair of shoes and stop playing with god or god will put him in the position, where he can’t take a deep breath or just riddle him with disease, so he had better stop playing with god and playing on his congregation

  33. Creflo has gotten phony and spreads the wrong gospel for his own enrichment. He landed in jail once for disciplining his daughter. An IRS scrutiny may be next to nail him like Jim Baker back in the days. r

  34. The plane he want’s is not a cargo plane it is a luxury plane but he tells his church members he need it to carry cargo.

    • Necey on said:

      Creflo Dollar did not say he needed the plane to carry cargo but to spread the gospel so let’s get the facts straight here. It is still way too much money to ask anyone for when he can take a flight on a commercial plane like the rest of us. There is too much homelessness and hunger in the world to ask people to donate money so he can acquire a luxurious plane

  35. Read the Bible, get a revelation, clean up your own back yard and stop hating. Nobody knows what God has told someone to do for His Kingdom. Touch not my anointed…. Nobody has a heaven or hell to put nobody in. Judge not. Only God can judge. What are you doing for the Kingdom???

    • James on said:

      JBJ do you realize how silly you sound, It don’t take much common sense to know that God didn’t tell him to ask for money for a Jet. Being a Christian don’t make you stupid, blind or foolish because God blessed us with brains to think with. You sound like a person who would say, maybe God told us to drink the poison punch.

  36. Robert on said:

    It’s not a shortage of character,he’s using God to make money. Pure and simple. He’s no more a christian than the man in the moon.,

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