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Rarely does one size ever fit all, right? The same can be said for the color nude. For many women, having nude undergarments is an essential part of their wardrobe, but if you’re a woman of color, finding lingerie and hosiery that matches your skin tone can be somewhat of a daunting task.

Thankfully for us, Ade Hassan decided it was time to redefine what nude means and launched Nubian Skin last October. Headquartered in London, Nubian Skin is a collection of hosiery and lingerie specifically tailored for women of color. Their motto: “Empowering Women. Embracing Our Colour.”

There are four shades for women to choose from: “Café au Lait” – the lightest shade, “Caramel” – for medium-light complexions, “Cinnamon – for medium to dark complexions, and “Berry,” which is the darkest shade. What’s even better is that consumers can find their perfect match by aligning each shade with foundation colors from popular makeup brands, including MAC and Bobbi Brown. Pretty amazing, right? Furthermore, the bras, panties and hosiery are available in several styles and sizes range from 30B-36DD and S-XL, but due to popular demand, Ade is working on bringing larger sizes (more on that later!) in the near future. recently had the opportunity to speak with Ade Hassan about empowering women, how she was able to fill a major hole in the market, as well as her plans to bring Nubian Skin to a department store near you:

BDO: People are absolutely in love with Nubian Skin. What was the inspiration behind it?

AH: Nubian Skin was essentially born out of frustration. I wanted a product that I couldn’t find in shops, so I decided to create it. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who felt the same way.

BDO: What would you say is your company’s main mission statement?

AH: Our philosophy is “Empowering women. Embracing Our Color.” I want women to really embrace their color because no matter what shade you are, it’s beautiful, and that is a very empowering concept.

BDO: Will you be expanding the line to include more skin tones and designs? I also heard there are plans to introduce to plus sizes. Is that true?

AH: We have listened to our customers and are looking at expanding our range in the very near future. Due to popular demand, we will be releasing larger back sizes this spring. Larger cup sizes will be available this autumn.


BDO: I know you’re based in London, but how do you plan on expanding your company’s reach in the near future?

AH: My dream is that Nubian Skin becomes a household name. I can’t wait for the day any woman of color walks into a department store and can pick up a pair of Nubian Skin tights or a bra.

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