Apparently, the reports of Sam Cooke’s family authorizing a biopic on the late singer with a murder mystery angle are false.

The folks at Rolling Stone report that Cooke’s relatives have been working on their own film with ABKCO Films. Contrasting previous reports, the family’s version will reportedly be based on Peter Guralnick’s book “Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke.” Carl Franklin will be on board to direct the film.

Members of Cooke’s family officially disputed the mentions of the other film with the following statement:

“Recent media reports about a proposed biographical film on the life of Sam Cooke and L.C. Cooke‘s purported involvement with the project are false. ABKCO Films is the only company authorized by Sam Cooke’s widow and surviving siblings to produce a biopic of Sam Cooke’s life.”

The statement issued by the Cooke family counters the claims of the other film’s producer Romeo Antonio, who said the family approved of the film before production. To add to this, Antonio mentioned that Cooke’s brother David, his ex-sister-in-law Phyllis and his nephew Eugene were among those who supported his movie.

Despite this, Cooke’s younger brother L.C. Cooke is denying Antonio’s claims with a statement of his own.

“Reports that I am involved with or have endorsed any Sam Cooke film biography other than the one that ABKCO Films is producing are totally false. I have been working with ABKCO for many years and am looking forward to bringing Sam’s story to the public in the near future,” said L. C. Cooke.

Looks like a lot of drama is on the way with this Sam Cooke biopic. Let’s hope a peaceful resolution can be made before it gets out of control.

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