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The paparazzi caught the wrath from none other than Tina Knowles after some of them tried to snap shots of her grandbaby Blue Ivy.

You know you must have done something huge, when you manage to outshine both Beyoncé and Blue Ivy! Mama Tina went out for a bite to eat with her fabulous offspring, and she was not having it when she noticed a paparazzo trying to capture Blue on camera.

As Bey and Blue disappeared into a restaurant, Tina approached the photographer to give him a piece of her mind. And the woman knows her granddaughter’s rights because she didn’t hesitate to tell the paparazzo that he was breaking the law. “You know that’s not cool. It’s illegal. You can’t film a baby,” she informed him.

Miss Tina is absolutely correct, too, since Halle Berry’s bill to keep paparazzi from taking pics or getting video of children with famous parents.

His flimsy defense was that she should expect that everyone in her family will be photographed because they’re famous, but Tina would not let him slid, continuing to argue that the rules are different when it comes to kids. “That’s a baby. That’s a baby,” she stated before advising the photographer to do better! “ Have some class about you. Have a little class and a little consideration.

That’s a how a lady handles business. She let him have it, and she didn’t have to cause a scene to do it.

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7 thoughts on “Tina Knowles Tells The Paparazzi To Leave Blue Ivy Alone! [VIDEO]

  1. IF she had any ” Real Class ” they’d have Body Guards dealing with Maggots from the Press ! Just Shows that you can have a Ton of Money and Still NO CLASS !

  2. Phyllis on said:

    Not a Beyoncé or JayZ fan but she handled it in a classy manner. Paparazzi was wrong. This child did not ask for all this attention.

    • Annie B on said:

      Phyllis, I am totally agreeing with you. This child did not ask for all these attention. Not because the children parents are famous the paparazzi should take it upon themselves to take pictures of these children who did not ask for this kind of attention. They need to respect the space of these children and leave them alone before they cause damages to them. And when I mean damages, mean by chasing to create accident and things of sure nature. Look what happen to Princess Diane in Paris!

  3. pac4me on said:

    She is right in her stand against the paparazzi – being famous and an adult sets you up for the publicity while that baby is innocent and didn’t ask for any of this nonsense. Go head Grand Ma look out for your baby girl

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