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When you think of TED talks, ground-breaking speakers in technology, education and design come to mind.

You can even hear snippets of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED talk by on Beyonce‘s “Flawless.” But we never thought we’d see the day when Monica Lewinsky (yes, that Monica) would become the featured TED talk speaker. We’re not judging her for being a mistress. OK, maybe just a bit. But Monica wasn’t just any mistress, she was the mistress of the beloved President Clinton.

Monica’s speech will center around building a “a safer and more compassionate social media environment, drawing from her unique experiences at the epicenter of a media maelstrom in 1998,” the TED website said.

If anyone knows about public scrutiny and ridicule, it’s definitely Monica.

She became an advocator for anti-bullying and wrote about it in her Vanity Fair essay, last year.

While bullying is certainly a very important issue, is she really worthy of a TED talk speaker? Absolutely not. The TED talk has been revered as a place for innovators like Sheryl Sandberg and Malcolm Gladwell. No shots, but I don’t think Monica Lewinsky has anything innovative or ground-breaking to say about bullying.


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