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CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago funeral home that handled the funeral for Chicago Cubs great Ernie Banks has filed a claim against his estate for $35,000.

The claim filed Wednesday by the Donnellan Family Funeral Services comes amid a legal challenge by Banks’ widow of a will Banks signed in October that leaves all his assets to caretaker Regina Rice. Last month, a judge ordered Rice to provide a full accounting of Banks’ estate after her attorney said Banks had assets worth just $16,000 when he died in January.

Banks’ widow went to court to prevent what she says was Rice’s effort to cremate Banks’ remains. Donnellan is asking to be paid $35,000, including nearly $4,000 for legal fees it incurred “due to dispute over disposition” of Banks’ remains.

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6 thoughts on “Funeral Home Wants $35,000 It Spent On Ernie Banks’ Funeral

  1. James R. on said:

    Check with your Funeral Director, if you are a celebrity you funeral will cost more. Lest say that you are insured for $10,000.00 dollars, the funeral home will try to max out the policies limit. to leave you with nothing. When you are grieving we make a lot of mistakes.

  2. What kind of funeral costs that much. Who in their right mind, except for royals and dignitaries, can justify spending that much money on a funeral? So wasteful.

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