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Chris Brown’s longtime girlfriend Karrueche has finally responded to the rumors of her boyfriend allegedly fathering a 9-month-old.

She took to Twitter (of course) to wish Chris and his new family thee best of luck.

Well, well, well. It looks like no matter what Chris Brown does, he can’t stay out of the headlines. The latest news? is reporting that Brown is the father of a baby girl, now about 9 months old. And no, neither Karruche Tran, Brown’s longtime girlfriend, or Rihanna, his former girlfriend, is the mother.

The mother is reportedly a woman named Nia, a 31-year-old “former model” who is supposedly on good terms with her baby daddy. There’s no court ordered child support or custody or visitation order, so apparently Brown and the woman have worked out terms.

No word on whether if this is true, if it’s a so-called ‘break baby’ as neither Brown nor Tran has commented via their respective social media accounts. Trolls are of course having a field day with Tran’s Instagram account, posing baby and baby bottle emojis as well as comments. says the parents no longer have a romantic relationship. Click over to see the pic of what may be Brown’s baby daughter.

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