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This 2-year old can’t ride in a car without a car seat, but he can rock a party without any assistance.

DJ Arch Jnr is a 2-year-old South African DJ, according to his Facebook page. But the 2-year-old’s skills behind the tables will amaze you. And that might even be an understatement. He’s keeping a beat and rocking the house, looking more focused than club DJs while he’s at it. And you can tell he’s enjoying it, loving every minute of the party-rocking.

“AJ is the youngest African DJ who has passion for music at an early stage of his life, being only 2 years old, he certainly knows what he is doing,” his YouTube page says.

After watching the kid in action, it’s hard to doubt him. Just look at his natural ability. I mean, he’s two-years-old! Two! Most two-year olds can’t even clap on beat, let alone rock a party with this type of style and flair. And he’s already capturing other kids’ hearts with his skills. That type of energy is contagious!

If he’s doing this at two, can you imagine what’s to come? The sky’s the limit for AJ.

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