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New Line Cinema garnered the rights to the “Shaft” franchise. This means a reboot is underway with producer John Davis attached, according to The Wrap.

The original “Shaft” came out in 1972 starring Richard Roundtree and was directed by Gordon Parks. The 2000 version starred Samuel L. Jackson was directed by John Singleton.

Jackson played the nephew of the original Shaft. There’s no word yet on whether or not New Line’s reboot will continue on the Shaft family tree.

Nevertheless, a new Shaft will be cast. It’s too early to tell who will play the smooth NYPD detective next, but Hollywood has options from a pool of Black actors.

Any suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “‘Shaft’ to be Rebooted Again; In The Works at New Line Cinema

  1. IanRousseault on said:

    Stop, Stop, Stop!!!!! Do not make another black film that has already been made . Please black hollywood have the guts and the balls to make NEW films with black actors in them. OMG! Is Will Smith the only black actor in hollywood who gets it????? Look at the films that he makes, they are films that any person black or white could star in! He doesn’t make films JUST for the black black community, he’s a SuperStar, an Actor!!!!!!! Black Hollywood you should be SHUT DOWN if this is all you can do, a F______ remake of Shaft! Shut black hollywood down and give ALL future projects to Spike Lee and Shonda Rhimes, since the other so call directors and writers have NO clue as to what they are doing. Please Will Smith lead these uneducated fools out of Black Exploitative Minstrel projects!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry but Samuel did not make a good Shaft. The original Shaft (Richard Roundtree) looked better although he played the uncle. Jeffry Wright (peoples) stole the show. I hope they cast someone with the looks and confidence like Morris Chestnut or Tyrese Gibson.

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