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Warren Sapp has lost another job.

In the wake of his prostitution arrest in Arizona, the NFL player-turned-commentator lost his gigs at the NFL Network and Bud Light. Today, TMZ reports that he has been dropped by ZYPPAH, a company that has used Sapp to promote its anti-snoring mouthpiece since 2013.

ZYPPAH tells TMZ Sports: “We will be terminating our working relationship with Warren Sapp, effective immediately.”

Sapp was arrested in Phoenix over Super Bowl weekend for soliciting prostitution and assault. Although he hasn’t been convicted, police say Warren “admitted involvement in the act of prostitution” at the time of the arrest, TMZ reports.

“While ZYPPAH fully supports the due process of law, Mr. Sapp’s confirmed and admitted involvement in Monday morning’s incident simply doesn’t reflect the level of character we demand from our brand representatives,” a rep for the company says. “This decision was made in order to preserve the integrity of the brand and the ethical fiber upon which our core business was built.”

Warren has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is due back in court next week.

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