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An attractive “woman” starts dating a college football hero. At first the player has no idea the “woman” is not who he thought she was, and when he learns the truth, he gets angry–with himself more than with “her” –and kills her. Another scenario, the football player does know the person is transgender, and gets into a sexual relationship, only to end up killing her when she threatens to out him. One of these two scenarios may have come to pass as a 911 call came in to the Tyler, Texas police department early in the morning of Jan. 26 reporting a car crash at first – before a witness nearby claimed he’d heard gunshots.

When officers appeared on the scene at 2:26 a.m. they saw a red Toyota Camry had jumped the curb and almost hit a utility pole. In the driver’s seat there appeared to be female – who upon closer inspection had been shot “several times,” according to a criminal affidavit. And it was the shots, Officer Don Martin tells PEOPLE, that caused the victim to lose control of the car.

Tyrone “Ty” Lee Underwood, 24, a transgender woman, was determined dead at the scene.

On Monday, police arrested Carlton Ray Champion Jr., 21, a college football player who they say had an ongoing relationship with Underwood, for Underwood’s murder.

When investigators spoke with Champion’s father, Carlton Champion Sr. they learned the father “heard Carlton Jr. was meeting the victim and thought the victim was a female,” according to documentation in the arrest affidavit written by officer Nathan Elliott . According to Champion Sr., “Carlton Jr. was supposed to get some type of sexual favor from the victim but realized the victim was a male.”

Police beg to differ.

They say both people were aware of each others’ truth and had been having an ongoing relationship for several weeks, according to what Martin told PEOPLE. “All indications are that both parties, the suspect as well as the victim, knew the gender of each prior to the shooting.”

“There’s no hate crime,” Martin says. “Evidence that was located indicate that they were both aware – through more than a friendship relationship – what they were getting into.” It was, he says, “a sexual relationship.”

Underwood died, according to the arrest affidavit, after arguing with Champion over social media about whether Champion was seeing someone else.

No one is totally clear on how and where the gunshots were fired.

“The indications by the bullet holes in the vehicle and the victim indicate that more than likely, at some point in time, Champion was in the vehicle, versus not a drive-by” shooting, says Officer Martin. “We definitely know for sure” that shots were fired from outside the vehicle, he says, “but possibly inside as well.”

It was Underwood’s roommate that led investigators to the football player. Cops learned that Underwood had been dating a man named “Carlton” for the past couple of weeks. A police department employee who worked with Underwood recalled that Underwood had talked about dating a football player at Texas College in Tyler.

Police located Carlton Champion on the team’s roster. The two had been communicating through the Kik social media app from as far back as Jan. 19 and documented the pair’s “sexual relations,” according to the affidavit.

Champion is being held in Gregg County jail on a $1 million bond. At press time, he has not yet entered a plea.

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(Photo/Video Source: KLTV)

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21 thoughts on “College Football Player Charged With Murder of Transgender Lover (Watch)

  1. These so-called transgender people need to only date their own type, other gays, bisexuals, and transgendered folks. They make me sick. Why cannot they stick to their own twisted kind and cease always trying to get straight people to join in their illuminative evil. People need to stop trying to be something that they are not.

  2. RENO2AC on said:

    The police are saying they have proof he knew. There are probably text messages and email to prove it. Like someone else said, just pick a team and stick with.

  3. Michael Sullivan on said:

    First of all there are sum trangender people who you would never guess in a million years that they where born me especially Asians who are small and hair less naturally . The brother knew that he was a guy and was afraid of being exposed the bottom line our black community you can be anything except a homosexual and people will forgive you . What a shame we have not one but two,lives destroyed.

  4. You will find out firsthand what a transgender is when you get to prison because you will become one, the hardcores in there will make you their “sweetmeat ” . Happy bottoms up and don’t forget to take some Vaseline with you. You will need it boy . Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa.

  5. NatTurnerFan on said:

    It’s funny how non of you know what went on but are putting your 2 cents in it. leave that mess alone. It will work itself out. Focus on being truthful and better human beings!

  6. There’s no hate crime,” Martin says. “Evidence that was located indicate that they were both aware – through more than a friendship relationship – what they were getting into.” It was, he says, “a sexual relationship.”

    Wait a minute. The police want to say that the suspect, Carlton Ray Champion, Jr knew that this transgender was a man?? What does “evidence that was located” mean?? See, presening information and not saying where i came from. OK, then, why did this guy shoot the transgender?? Quite simple. He found ou it was a man and he “went off” What other explanation is there? These cops are making phony statements to change the facts.

    • specialt757 on said:

      There’s always more to the story than what’s here. This is just one media outlet’s info. Keep watching there is always more. We’ll probably never know the absolute truth, but it does give people something to talk about.

  7. Uncle G on said:

    Murder is bad under any circumstances. However, when I see these transgenders prancing around like women; wanting attention from men, just like women. Whenever I see these transgenders seducing men and hiding the fact that they were born a “male” I say to myself. “They are playing a dangerous game” And this is what you get trying to fool a man into thinking that you are a real woman. Out of the two scenarios presented in the article above, I opt that the first is the true case. This man likes women and when he found out he had been tricked by a transgender, he “went off” and he killed. It is a matter of manly pride. I imagine that this case of transgenders pretending to be women and getting involved with men that they never tell has played out many, many times over. Yes, transgenders have a right to be who they are—-But, they do NOT have a right to fool a man into thinking that they are real women!

    • specialt757 on said:

      He should be, stop being a down-low brother, pick a side, straight or gay, and it is that simple. In that way there would be no need to be embarrassed.

  8. Champ Jr., you killed a human being and for that you must answer regardless of the circumstances of your relationship. You cannot play the ” I didn’t know card” because too many people that you and the victim were a couple for too long a time and by using that defense will only serve to get you convicted of murder. You better come with something better than that, sounds like a jealous rage to me.

  9. What’s a mess is that these “down low,” bisexual brothers go to extreme lengths to hide who and what they are. Note to BAW: I want the “preview/edit” key back.

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