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Maia Campbell has apparently had a relapse.

The former actress was arrested for acting up at the Waffle House in Riverdale, GA last weekend – marking the second time in a year she has been busted for disruptive behavior at a restaurant.

According to TMZ, cops say they were called to the Waffle House when the former “In the House” star was allegedly drunk and causing a disturbance. Officers gave her a chance to leave on her own, but she refused – so she was cuffed and booked for disorderly conduct.

The 38-year-old was also arrested last month in Atlanta when she went off in a Burger King.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, she cussed out a family, accused their child of stealing her wallet, and called the arresting officer a “fu**ing fa**ot!”

Cops say she denied using foul words, and claimed to only speak the “king’s language.”

For years, Campbell, daughter of the late Bebe Moore Campbell, has struggled with addiction and was publicly humiliated when shocking videos of her disheveled and strung out on drugs hit the Internet several years ago. Maia also struggled with an addiction to crystal meth.

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(Photo Source: TMZ)

14 thoughts on “Maia Campbell Arrested After Causing A Scene at Waffle House

  1. She has serious mental health issues that most certainly should have been noted in the article. It has been documented that her drug addiction stems from her unstable mental health.

  2. straightnochaser on said:

    I hope that she gets help soon. With the trigger happy policing that’s going on these days, I’d hate to read that she’s become yet another statistic. Does she have any close friends or family to watch over and protect her?

  3. why are you reporting this story and not adding that it is a well known fact that she is bipolar which is a big part of her drug addiction? WOW that is very insensative of this site

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