A new study released shows that black girls are six times more likely to be suspended than their white counterparts.

The Daily Beast reports:

Last August, a 12-year-old Georgia student named Mikia Hutchings faced expulsion from school and criminal charges in juvenile court. Her offense? Writing the word “Hi” on a locker room stall with a friend. Eventually she was ordered to spend a summer under probation, but not before her grandmother filed a discrimination complaint and a state senator called out the punishment as unjust—Hutchings is African American, while the caucasian student who graffitied with her paid a small restitution.

“What kid needs to be having a conversation with a lawyer about the right to remain silent?” her lawyer told The New York Times. “White kids don’t have those conversations; black kids do.” In Georgia, black female students receive suspensions five times more frequently than their white counterparts, a school district spokesman told the Times.

Georgia isn’t an anomaly: Nationally, black girls and other girls of color are six times more likely to be punished in school than white girls, according to the U.S. Department of Education. That’s even higher even than the disciplinary disparity between white and black boys, who are punished three times more often.

The problem in the east coast’s major cities is particularly acute, where black students often outnumber white students by two or three times. A new report published Wednesday by Columbia Law School and the African American Policy Forum, Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced and Underprotected, reports that in New York, where there are twice as many black kids as white kids, African American girls are subject to punishment 10 times more often than caucasian girls. For boys, the number is six times the amount of their white counterparts.

“If this is a problem of racial disparity, not only should girls not be excluded from that conversation, they should be front and center because something is happening to black girls that actually is more of a risk factor than what’s happening to boys,” says Columbia Law Professor Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, who led the report’s research.

A few hours away, in Boston, for every white girl punished in school, there are 11 cases of black girls being disciplined, and black boys are eight times more likely to get in trouble than white ones. There are three times as many black students in Boston as white kids.

The egregious cases are frequent and their headlines stand alone as horrifying: “School Guards Break Child’s Arm and Arrest Her for Dropping Cake.” “8-year-old Special Needs Student Handcuffed, Arrested for Tantrum at School.” In Florida, a 12-year-old was threatened with expulsion for not cutting her natural hair, which her private school claimed was a violation of dress code.

This punishment disparity even reflects shades of skin color. “The odds of suspension were about 3 times greater for young African American women with the darkest skin tone compared to those with the lightest skin,” the authors of a 2013 study from Villanova University wrote. It cites a study from two years earlier that examined the disciplinary cases for African-American females and found most of them were punished under a subjective set of descriptors: “disobedience,” “defiance” and “improper dress.”

“The challenge is how to talk about race and include girls in it and how to talk about girls and include race.”

Because the total number of boys suspended and expelled is higher, the focus has largely been on them. Addressing this disparity was central to President Obama’s 2014 legislation called My Brother’s Keeper, which promotes educational opportunities to keep youth of color out of what is often called the “school-to-prison pipeline.” This initiative is singularly focused on keeping boys and young men of color from “slipping through the cracks in our society.” With a handful of reports showing even worse statistics facing girls of color, where’s My Sister’s Keeper?

Addressing the issue goes deeper than racial disparity and suspension numbers. Low-performing schools in risky areas are already often run like jails, replete with metal detectors and police officers. Many have zero-tolerance policies that expel students for single infractions. Crenshaw’s study found both high-achieving and low-achieving girls were similarly affected by the harsh environment. Some schools she found were issuing arrest warrants for late students whose parents hadn’t paid a fine. “On one hand we’re trying to encourage greater investment in school but were using policies that actually push girls out of school. They view schools as places of order and discipline other than learning,” Crenshaw says.

“These were things that when I went to school would happen—girls getting into fights and having beefs—[but] never led to incarceration,” she adds. “Now it does.”

While there has been an international push for attention on girls’ education—think Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai and the brave girls attending school in Chibok, Nigeria—scant attention is paid to the issue in the United States. And when it is, it the focus is either on race—with boys front and center—or on gender, with white girls and girls of color lumped in together.

Crenshaw says there’s a history of ignoring racial issues when it comes to girls. “We have a discourse on race and inequality that largely focuses on boys and even larger, on men,” she says. “Our gender equity discourse doesn’t deal with race and our race equity discourse doesn’t deal with women and girls. The challenge is how to talk about race and include girls in it and how to talk about girls and include race.”

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46 thoughts on “Black Girls In New York Suspended 6x More Than White

  1. That’s interesting. When I was in high school, I was 6 times more likely to be bullied and assaulted by a black girl. When was a teacher in Los Angeles, my classes were disrupted 6 times more often by black girls than by white girls.
    So yeah……………….pretty frigging accurate.

  2. Golden Key on said:

    The black community will never give two shitz about this because frankly it only loves it’s boys. The girls are always considered the sole cause of their own misery, while the boys are the only victims of racism and are excused to eternity. If you defend the boys, you are defending the race. If you defend the girls, you are ‘divisive’.

    • With most of our boys being raised by there single mother who tends to dote on their boys and give them an inflated opinion of themselves. While the watch and learn how to treat a woman not by a father being in the house but by how their mother allows the many uncles in his life treat his mother. Yeah the strong black mother with guilt would treat her son special after all her daughter will wind up just like her.

      Stop blaming the black male when the black female raise them to be boys.

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    More of the “white folks do it too…”; It is time for some personal responsibility! Now, if we talk about school shootings, that is a different story.

  4. Sour pickledic on said:

    What this slanted B.S. story fails to offer is the point that the blacks have several offenses maybe. Regardless of color,if 2 men are busted w 1 ounce of weed each and its ones first arrest and the others 3rd or 4th,etc,who gets the stiffer punishment? No brainer. This garbage on this racist site is really racist….

    • Yeah if that’s the case why tote it if you to smoke it keep it at home. White boys and blacks deal drugs different we like to be seen doing things against the law. Hell, most of us are in jail because we like to brag about, what we did because it is real cool.

  5. AL SANCHEZ on said:



  7. Its all about black oppression 24/7, it is ridiculous to think in this manner. These studies can skew things without the average person being able to detect it. Children get punished because of their behavior, not their color. It is the black community that wants privilege, they don’t want to be punished for their actions. Its called black privilege.

    • Not true, whites get the benefit of the doubt, when a white steals a car they have something called joy ride when a black steals a car its called grand theft. I seen this time and time again. Also a black Juvenile face is more likely to be but in the news if he doesn’t have ghetto centric name when a white kid gets the benefit of being a Juvenile, If that’s black privileged dont let my kids benefit from that give them what the oppressed whites get.

  8. Shaneequa Ah Perry-A on said:

    Behaviour acceptable at home or learned in Juvenile Detention doesn’t belong in school. These girls will keep mouthing off and mouthing off for an entire class period. Many times they explode in anger before class is even over. They only understand force, but a school isn’t the place for that. So when a school has a chance to keep one of them out you bet they’re going to take it.

  9. Katlin Cross on said:

    If you misbehave in school you are going to get suspended no matter what color you are. Don’t do the crime and you don’t do the time.

    • Yeah that maybe true but it could also be we are monitored 6 times more. We cant do what white folks do and expect to get away with it. Have we not learned. Just look at our penal system and sentencing guide lines. Do like them and you’ll get it 6 times worse.

  10. Timekeeeper on said:

    I think this commentary has accomplished exactly what it set out to do. We have people on here taking about girls being neglected and that e are only paying attention to boys??? When in the world did that happen?? So now you have a gender fight on that issue which comes straight from the Pit Then, of course you have the usual suspects of racism that cannot wait to chime in with their bigoted nuggets of wisdom. What we have here is a free for all for the worst, lopsided and narrow minded comments one can think of. Kudos to the writer of this article, you have managed a complete and total Barfarama..

  11. Come on now stop comparing ourselves with the white folks and take on some accountability. I have three daughters and none were suspended. Go to worldstar hip hop and see what our girls are up to socially no ones fault but there single mothers.

  12. Libtard Troller on said:

    Maybe because black people are 6x more likely to do something worth being suspended over? I’ve been in education for 10 years and the VAST VAST VAST majority of my discipline problems were from black people. That’s not racism, that’s a FACT. Why are the mostly or all black schools so run down? You can’t blame white people in that case. Take a look at ANY city in America or country around the world that’s mostly black. There’s not a single one that’s thriving.

  13. This is a result of the black community paying more attention to the problems of black males and ignoring girls and the issues and obstacles many black girls in poverty and living in the inner-city face..if girls are not protected by men or provided with a sense of security,they take on the behavior of the males they see around them..rough, abrasive and violent….and these same males they are around also prey on them…My Brothers Keeper is an important program, however ignoring girls growing up in the same dysfunctional homes black boys is simply stupid.

    • Black women and white men, All ways blame the black male for ills of our society. Never do the single strong black woman who proclaims she don’t need a man and I’m the father too; ever take accountability that she is irresponsible and over sexed. When 80% of our children are born out of wedlock and 65% don’t know who the father of there children are. Stop it and blame yourself. A society and cultures morals are based on the standards of there women.

      Ask any race what women are the looses and the would happily say ours. Look at World star hip hop and the videos and tell yourself, and no don’t say the white girls too, they are not my concern

  14. lilbastdz on said:

    I work in an alternative school setting where students are removed/suspended for breaking school rules. I can attest that there is definitely an over representation of Blacks and Hispanics. And they are all boys. Any white students we get are given a lesser amount of time than their minority counterparts for similar offenses. It is usually because the minority students don’t have the advocates to questions why their child is being suspended. Most Hispanics are illegal and don’t care for unwanted attention so they don’t complain. The blacks just don’t really get involved or don’t care what is going on at school. It’s the white families that question what is going on and are heard because they show up to meetings about their children’s behavior.

  15. White students get in trouble and punished more than asian students but you don’t hear people shouting that this is racist or unfair. Asian students also perform generally better than white students but you don’t hear whites shouting that the tests in school are racist.
    This article is just another example of blacks playing the victim card. Give it a rest.

    • Why compare yourself to the low standards of white folks people. No other race does that. We are so fixated on reaching the low bar of white folks, reach higher, they will always get away with stuff.

  16. you people are nuts….The same phenomena that causing these girls to get suspended is the same phenomena that didn’t get the kids in the following incident arrested….

    Inside the Frat Party that Caused $75,000 of Damage at a Ski Resort


    Now imagine that had been a black fraternity. They would have been arrested on the spot. You guys just refuse to recognize white priviledge even though its smacking you up side the head.

    • Ofey Blanco on said:

      Yeah…. bc we all know nothing says “Justice” like a freshly stolen TV. I guess it must have been elves that did all that looting in Fergeson. Don’t get confused twinkieboy.

  17. If there are 5 blacks per 100 people, everyone applauds how integrated the community is.

    At 5-10% black there is an occasional spike in loudness, but it’s usually isolated and brief. People are usually too embarrassed to say anything, and it temporarily abates.

    At 10-20% black, these problems rise dramatically. People occasionally hear loud hip-hop music from a passing vehicle, usually later & later at night, as an outgoing signal of rising ‘blackness’ in the community.
    Pasadena, California — Black 10.7% (figures are 2011)
    Manhattan, New York — Black 12.9%

    At 20-30% black, the loudness & behavior is so disruptive that well-meaning families begin to stop going to certain public areas. Black-on-black fights occur to establish dominance, and fights between black females occur in parking lots, usually over a black male.
    Boston, Massachusetts — Black 24.4%
    Tampa, Florida — Black 26.2%

    At 30-40% minor public incidents give way to more serious crimes, and somewhere in the community the first felonies occur at the hands of blacks, targeting the elderly or defenseless.
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida — Black 30.9%
    Compton, Los Angeles — Black 32.9%
    Willowbrook, Los Angeles — Black 34.4%

    40-60% sees an atmosphere that is so loud, fast, & unpredictable that it interferes with peaceful activity. At this stage people’s gut sense of “safety” in the community is eroding. Anticipating the unexpected starts to factor into simple decisions like going to the store or getting into one’s car.
    Inglewood, Los Angeles — Black 43.9%
    Philadelphia — Black 44%
    South Chicago — Black 50.2%
    Carol City, Florida — Black 52.1%

    60-75% black: expect covert drug use, and concealed guns. Good families are moving away. At this stage hip-hop emanating from cars is now an advertisement for illegal drug sales.
    Opa-locka, Florida – Black 69.6% (In 2004 Opa-locka had the highest rate of violent crime for any city in the United States.)
    Ladera Heights, California — Black 73.7%
    Overtown, Miami — Black 74.7%

    Now, at 75-85% black, walking down the street is now a risk. Find hair-trigger, unprovoked violence, usually targeted against those of non-black race. Calls to 9-1-1 demonstrate slower & slower response times. Local businesses deteriorate, as does the general condition of the neighborhood. The last of the liberal, die-hard families vacate the community whose memories they have cherished for decades.
    East Garfield Park, Chicago — Black 75.5%
    Brightmoor, Detroit — Black 82.7%
    Gary, Indiana — Black 84%
    Metcalfe Park, Milwaukee — Black 84.1%
    Shaw, Washington D.C. — Black 84.8%

    At 85-95% black, the public institutions in the area (schools, libraries, etc.) slowly wither from lack of use. Consumer places (food stores, day-care centers, etc.) show graffiti & territorial gang signs, and gang membership now outweighs the number of non-gang people. Drug sales & prostitution are open and obvious. A gunshot is heard every week. All businesses which are still in operation (liquor stores, stereo wholesalers, etc.) have bars on their windows.
    Highland park, Detroit — Black 93.5%
    Liberty City, Florida — Black 94.6%

    At 95-100% black, there is debris everywhere. A large number of dwellings are ruined or burned-out. At this stage, the economy of the community is nearing total collapse, and good jobs are scarce. Emergency services infrequently patrol for fear of risking officers’ lives.
    Bronzeville, Milwaukee — Black 96.2%
    Washington Heights, Chicago — Black 97.2%
    Franklin Park, Florida — Black 97.6%
    Englewood, Chicago — Black 100%
    The name of the neighborhood is now synonymous with violence & gangs. At this stage the spread of this condition bears characteristics similar to the unchecked spread of a virus, and adjacent communities begin to show signs of following suit

  18. pilgrim on said:

    so, instead of figuring out what is wrong with black girls… we are going to label educators “racist”…. even the black ones….. because there are alot of BLACK teachers and administrators in places like NY…

  19. Could black girls be 6X more obnoxious than white girls in school? Disruptive behavior that is acceptable in black households are not acceptable in school. Blacks need to change, not the schools.

  20. I disagree. White kids do far worse things, and are not called on it, because Mom and Dad are friends with the school board and/or because of their financial status.

    Elizabeth and Joey can’t be punished because they will be attending Ivy League schools.

  21. Nancy Cruz*

    Just because you mentor in “urban schools” does not make you quaified to judge whether or not young girls of color are suspended six times more than their white counterparts from NYC public schools!

    People like you wouldn’t know what TRUTH IS-even if it slapped you upside your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Freddie on said:

      And being a writer for BlackAmericaWeb.com does “make you qualified to judge whether or not young girls of color are suspended six times more than their white counterparts from NYC public schools!” as you put it. Well I have worked in the public school system in Atl for 31 years and this IS a very distorted article!

  22. So much is wrong with this article … full of distortions. Boys are the ones being neglected in Public schools theses days. Boys can no longer be boys as they are often mis diagnosed with ADD and later drugged to calm them down.
    Secondly, walk into any public school and you can easily see who are the kids that are more out of control. I know, I mentor in urban schools and it is just the truth and some sometimes the truth hurts.

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