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A Black family living in an exclusive Southern California enclave is now wondering if an explosion was deliberately set because of their race.

Earlier this month, the $3.5 million Manhattan Beach home of Ronald and Malissia Clinton was targeted by someone who poured gasoline on a tire, lit it and left it at their front door.

The Daily Breeze reports: 

Clinton said he awakened about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday to “a loud boom” at his house in the 700 block of 11th Street. At first he suspected a pipe had burst, but realized the crackling sound he heard was fire outside his front door.

Clinton, whose wife was away on business in Washington, D.C., awakened his 8-year-old son and ran into his 9-year-old daughter’s room to collect her. He told her to call 9-1-1 as they hurried downstairs to wake up his 15-year-old son, and grab the dog.

Once outside, Clinton grabbed a garden hose and sprayed water on the front door, knocking down flames until firefighters arrived to finish the job.

Clinton said he suspects someone poured gasoline over a tire and hurled it at his front door. Firefighters said in a statement that the fire was confined to the front entrance, but caused significant smoke damage to the second and third floors.

“The motive has not been determined and to speculate before the completion of the investigation can be detrimental to the family, the community and the investigation,” the statement said.

Manhattan Beach Fire Chief Robert Espinosa said investigators are working to determine how the fire started and motives. It was too soon to know whether the Clintons’ suspicions about race are correct.

At a rally days later, members of the Manhattan Beach community came out in support of the Clinton family saying that they would not allow that kind of hate crime to cause a rift in their community.

The Clintons have lived in the community for 11 years without incident. Ronald Clinton is a pharmacist and his wife is a corporate lawyer. Damage to the home is estimated at approximately $200,000.

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15 thoughts on “Was A Black Family’s House Firebombed Because Of Their Race?

  1. blackspeak on said:

    No black person is immune from victimization by the social material system of white supremacy… Rich or poor, those who practice and promote white supremacy seek out their victims wherever and whenever they find them…

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Raleigh you didn’t answer the question. You should be able to live where you want. Contrary to popular belief white’s don’t own the U.S.A. although they’ve been given the credit.

  3. Tonya … always seeing race in everything…. disgusting bit of journalism.
    Just as well could have said “A Families house firebombed because of an extra Marital affair? ”
    It is not right to throw some BS claim out there as an act of journalism as it was mine to point to something like a personal lovers quarrel when there is NO evidence!!!

    Tonya should do herself a favor and resign for writing garbage such as this

  4. My statement is this, if you have the money you should be able to live where you want to. My question is this, just because you can do you need too?
    Why do you want to live next to and near white folk?

  5. specialt757 on said:

    11 years without incidents makes me wonder if this was a personal vendetta. It’s still too early to say without a doubt it’s racism related. Unless someone comes forward, I don’t think it’s possible to prove.

  6. Since they lived in that home for 11 years without any problems, it’s hard to determine why this happened…if someone keys your car, slashes tires, throws paint or in this case, burns the car, it could be someone specific in the family was targeted..I’m sure the authorities are speaking to the family as well to rule out a family member being targeted.

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