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On tonight’s Love and Hip-Hop, Rich revealed that he and Jhonni Blaze used to fool around, and when he broke things off she put his phone number on Twitter.  DJ Kay Slay convinced him that she’s got the talent and the look, and it was worth working with her.

Diamond decided that even though she and Cisco broke up, she loved New York and wanted to stay…for her new love interest, Roc.

Yandy invited Mendeecees’ mom, Judy, over for dinner to help figure out what to do about Samantha trying to take Lil’ Mendeecees.

Amina and her sister, Sophie, who was visiting from Germany, dished about Peter going to Barbados with Tara.  Amina told Sophie she was going to leave Peter and maybe go to Germany.

Cisco filled Rich in on how things went with Tasha in Atlanta when he came clean about Diamond, and that he told her that he was fine with her dating someone else as long as she didn’t bring any other men around his kid.  Rich reminded him that Cisco couldn’t control that from New York, but Cisco insisted Rich was wrong.  Cisco admitted he still cared about Diamond and wanted to try to work things out with her.  Rich showed Cisco a photo Diamond posted on Instagram of herself and Roc.

Yandy caught up with Tara, Claudine, and Lesha and announced her pregnancy.

Cisco called Diamond down to the studio to try to get to the bottom of what was going on between the two of them, and the new man in her life.  Things got heated when Cisco told her she should have told him about her new man, and Diamond reminded him that he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant.  When Cisco questioned Diamond’s motives for moving to New York, she blew up and called him a fraud.  The situation escalated and Diamond got in Cisco’s face before a security guard broke it up.

Rich and Jhonni met to work out the terms of their new relationship.  Rich told Jhonni they were friends, but Jhonni said that they were never friends because “friends don’t f***k.”  As far as she’s concerned, they’re enemies because he started seeing other people when she went to jail.  Jhonni tried to get Rich to just apologize for what he did to her, and they cleared the air.

Peter stayed at Tara’s house so he could get the kids off to school, but Tara wasn’t there.  When he got home, he told Amina he wanted to bring all the kids together as a family.  Amina said she was cool with it, but it didn’t make things better between her and Peter.

Rich took Paris and Cyn out to play miniature golf and talk business.  Cyn updated Rich on her event to honor her brother and raise money for suicide awareness.  Rich suggested she ask Krissy to help since she’s an event planner.  Paris asked him when he was going to send her some tracks, but he called her out for making a video with someone else and told her she needed to be patient.

Mendeecees and his mother met Samantha and her mother, Kim, to settle their issues.  Kim and Samantha pointed out that Lil’ Mendeecees needed more help with his homework because he stutters, and Judy told them maybe he stuttered because he didn’t want to be there with them.  Samantha asked Judy how old she was, and Judy threw her drink in Samantha’s face.  Kim jumped up to defend Samantha, and went after Judy.

Samantha and Mendeecees talked outside after things calmed down and agreed both their mothers needed to fall back, and that they should decide what’s best for their son.

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