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There’s been an exodus of divas on TV One’s R&B Divas: L.A. reality show, but that doesn’t mean that the show won’t go on. New divas Stacy Francis and Christina ‘Brave’ Williams join the returning Chante Moore, Michel’le and Chrisette Michele. Here’s what a few of the divas had to say about the new season, which premieres on February 11 at 10 p.m.  on TV One.

EUR: Who are you getting into with this season?

Lil Mo: Everybody except for Leela (James), Brave, and Stacy (Francis)! My tolerance is like, ‘Yo! I came here to work. We have a goal, and we have people that are watching, if you are not cut out for this…BYE! BYE!’ I don’t keep tabs on anybody! I’m just working on my own soul salvation and I worry about me and my house because worrying about everyone else is not included in my contract or check. No shade! Lil’Mo is going for self…I’ve been here for three seasons and there is a reason why.

Stacy Francis: Chanté (Moore). Tune in for the show and remember that I love integrity and honesty. I do challenge people when they are not being honest or when they don’t take responsibility. I like people who come to the table with a pure genuine apology and then change their ways. You can’t say, ‘I’m sorry,’ and then keep going back to doing the same thing over and over. We are all grown ass women…take some responsibility and be better. Seek God or something.

Leela James: I pretty much get along with everybody, as long as you don’t start no stuff, there won’t be no stuff! I don’t really have a problem with most folks, they might have a problem with me but I don’t care.

EUR: What was it liking blending into this group of divas?

Christina “Brave” Williams: The initial meeting was much easier. I come from a huge family and a group, so I have a great idea of how to deal with certain personalities and dynamics. I was more or less worried about them already having a camaraderie and how accepting they were going to be. And they were all accepting of me…

Stacy Francis: It was very interesting. As a public figure, people go to Google and think that they know you from that, or what they’ve heard. It’s not easy to put that aside and say, ‘let me just be present with this person and get to know them for them.’ It’s difficult for some people to move out of that.

EUR: What are you bringing to the new season of ‘R&B Divas: LA?’

Stacy Francis: I’m kind of feisty. I think, I’ll be speaking for people at home who are like, ‘Yes! Thank you for asking that question!’

Lil Mo: You’ll see how I balance it all and I introduce Karl Dargan to the world.

Leela James: If anything I’m a little more vocal. You’ll see a little more if my personality…I have a humorous side.

‘R&B Divas: LA’ premieres February 11 on TV One. For MORE info, go here.

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