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Entertainment Tonight’s  Kevin Frazier is one of the sharpest news reporters in the game. Therefore, he’s on top of every hot story that is out right now. This weekend, like everyone else in the media, he’s in Glendale, Arizona, where Super Browl XLIX is takng place. Here’s his take on today’s hottest stories.

On Suge Knight’s Arrest: 

Get Suge Knight and lock him up and I feel like the streets are finally safe. Because I’ve always said this, he’s the one person in Los Angeles I’m afraid of. If you see Suge and he’s coming your way,  leave, because something bad happens anytime he’s around. If you’re in Target, get out, do your shopping later. They need to announce it, Suge Knight walked in.

Marshawn Lynch And The Media:

He’s a happy, regular guy, a man with a Cal Berkeley education. It was worth the fine to him, if you come down and see what he is doing in Phoenix. Yesterday, I’m walking through the NFL Experience and I see these people running around in the Beast Mode hats that he was wearing at his press conference. When I asked where they got the hats from, they said they were at the Marshawn Lynch pop-up store in Scottsdale. It sold out in about 15 minutes.

Then I see Alicia Quarles wearing a Beast Mode, beautiful workout T-shirt. He’s hijacked the Super Bowl and turned it into an amazing money-making opportunity. I think he watched Richard Sherman last year. He made so much money last year in endorsements and appearances. I think Marshawn made plan. Once he goes worldwide with that Beast Mode gear…

How Kevin Frazier and Michelle Williams Got One Of the Rare Interviews With Marshawn Lynch:

[Michelle Williams brought Kevin along to where Marshawn was hanging out with Deion Sanders, who has a great relationship with Frazier.)  He’s not hiding from folks because two days later he talked to Alicia Quarles. A little bit of what’s happening is that he’s being very selective. This has happened for years and year with reporters, if you didn’t look like the players, you didn’t get the interview.

I think he’s turned it on it’s head a little bit. Those are people that I can relate to, so I will talk to you. Marshawn will talk, but he’s using the NFL’s rules and the way that the media treats players and he is using it to his advantage. Think about this – how does the media portray him when he doesn’t talk to the media? No matter [whether he has a big game or not] people have already brought into Beast Mode. For the whole week, he has distracted people from asking Russell Wilson why he played so badly in the NFC Championship game. If I’m a teammate, I’m going to say ‘This is cool.’

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