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”X-Factor” finalist Stacy Francis is the newest cast member to join “R&B Divas: LA.” But there are many rumors and misconceptions about the singer — like she got into a pre-Grammy brawl with Whitney Houston right before she passed away.

Nevertheless, she been’s enjoying her time as a R&B diva. With the other divas, she provided her vocal talent to a worthy cause. She performed at Hollywood’s House of Blues to raise money for cancer research.

With a lot going on her life, she took the time to talk with about these rumors, misconceptions and how she loves charity work.

Francis started off talking about the biggest misconception about her. “I think I can definitely be a fireball,” she said. “But, I think that some people might think that comes from a dark place, but it doesn’t.”

She continued with, “I have a heart for God. It comes from just communicating and… just feeling like sometimes people don’t want to communicate and… sometimes they communicate wrong.”

She added, “sometimes I get in trouble for just trying to pull it out of them, you know? So, I think the misconception is that you know I think I’m nicer than people think.”

Francis garnered a following from “X-Factor” in 2011, which she acknowledged was a very big platform to gain exposure. Now that she’s considered a R&B diva, it’s a blessing.

“It’s R&B Divas and to be considered a diva is a blessing. I’m just like okay! It’s been a lot of fun and I have to tell you it’s been… even to be here tonight,” she said.

She added, “just to be at the House of Blues on this stage and to be able to sing and I’m going to sing my single, “I Still Believe” and just with a live band and it’s just like… the moment… just wow! You know, it just takes me back to when I was on X Factor and singing live and that’s what I live for.”

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(Photo Source: Stacy Francis’ Instagram)