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Beyonce can add yet another distinction to her resume.

Because of her achievements during the first half of this decade, Billboard has crowned Bey the most defining artist of the last five years.

The accomplishment is due in part to her Super Bowl performance and mini-Destiny’s Child reunion in 2013, her co-headlining “On The Run” tour with rapper husband Jay Z last summer and the surprise release of her self-titled 2013 album, which editors have deemed an “instant-classic.”

Billboard concludes: “Nobody’s perfect, but Beyonce is just about as flawless as they come – and in the 2010s, the rest of the music world was simply trying (and failing) to keep up with her.”

Kanye West ranked second on the list, followed by Adele, Taylor Swift and Drake, who round out the top five, respectively.

Others making the top 10 include Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and this year’s Super Bowl headliner, Katy Perry.

(Photo: PR Photos)

18 thoughts on “Beyonce Named Most Defining Artist Of Last Five Years

  1. Daveed on said:

    it would be nice if her image was classier as well and sang about a lot more than being on her knees, flaunting her extravagant lifestyle and ect same old same old from her

  2. Daveed on said:

    she can sing but her new music is horrible with songs like drunk in love, partition, 7-11
    she can sing but when will she start actually singing again lol. I would like to hear her belt it out more often and hopefully she will write and record some quality material in the near future like she did with Dangerously in Love

  3. Not only is Beyonce an all around great entertainer, but she is also nice person. She gives money to different causes, and she takes the time to intermingle with her fans.

  4. Funny how her haters are the first to select the article and comment. Good for her! Another well deserved honor. She quite simply has very little competition from artists of today when it comes to performing. She stands out as the best with ease.

    • They know she can sing, dance, and is a great talent, but they will not admit it, because of their hate.
      They know she is an all around consummate entertainer, but their jealously and hate will not allow them to admit it.

  5. Ms Curly on said:

    Say what you like, Beyonce can sing. So many haters!! Nobody can stay on top forever but she is giving it a heck of a try.

    • llawrence on said:

      Your right people who think Beyoncé can’t sing just don’t like her. If she could not sing top producers would not work with her and millions of people would not buy her music.

    • I agree. She is the best all-around entertainer of her time. She clearly can sing and dance. Maybe some don’t like her style but to deny her ability is simply hating.

  6. IanRousseault on said:

    That’s Bullshit! Whatever happened to real singers and real music? Today’s water downed so called music just isn’t cutting it, I’m afraid!!!!!! Beyonce???????

    • hoodtechie on said:

      i have to totally agree with you on this one.without the electronics to adjust her vocals this bimbo wouldn’t even make american idol.she couldn’t stand a chance to the likes of(Whitney Houston,Mariah Carey,Jennifer Hudson or Christine Aguillara).jay-z was the best thing going for her,on her own she is clueless.

    • I’ve seen Beoynce sing in person without music, just her own voice, THE GIRL CAN SING. She blew me away with that voice, NO MUSIC, JUST HER LIVE VOICE and in person. She is outstanding.

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