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Sherri Shepherd co-hosts the Tom Joyner Morning Show every Thursday. The actress/comedienne has had her share of personal life drama with two divorces, but she’s also starred on Cinderella on Broadway since her departure from The View.

Today she gave the TJMS audience some insight into the problems on her former show.


On problems on ‘The View’:

“Whoopi’s in the hospital but she’ll be back next week. You know when you’re in the hospital and you go in for a nose job but they say it’s a deviated septum? Whoopi said she got a herniated disc, I think Whoopi just needed a break. They’re talking about dropping ‘The View.’  The ratings have tumbled. Wow, its amazing when they take people off. Until you do right by me – (laughs.) If y’all look at my farewell show, y’all see my fingers…until you do right by me……’ Joy’s coming back to co-host and Barbara Walters will be on for the next month every Friday. It’s a little bit of a mess over there. I’m co-hosting The Real on January 20th. I think they’re beating The View and The Talk is neck and neck with The View. And Wendy Williams is very happy.”

On getting in Barbara Walters’ pockets:

They’re saying Rosie Perez may not be back. It’s never good when four months in, when you have a panel and you’re talking about one person is leaving. Even when I was making my mistakes, they never said…Barbara was with me the entire time. Except when I made a comment about my boss’ money. Omigod. I’ll never do that again. That little woman got in my face – don’t you ever talk about my money. The white teeth were showing. You know when the white teeth are showing. She turned my back to the audience and the audience was saying ‘Oh look, she’s kissing Sherri. That woman was in my face saying ‘Don’t you ever talk about my money.’

On Mike Epps saying ‘Aint nobody funny in Top Five.’ 

I am in Top Five and I’m proud of Chris Rock. I didn’t get on [Mike] because he didn’t see the movie and he was bashing all the comics. I was laughing and then I was what…I got on Twitter and I said ‘C’mon Mike Epps, really, no support’ and he came back and he said  “Sherri, I’m just a comic, come on.” He said Chris Rock was not a superstar and they give the movies to the wrong people. Chris Rock is and he’s been around a long time, and he has longevity. Spell longevity, Mike, spell longevity – i-t-y….and he changed his tune and apologized and said he’s going to take me to see Top Five when he’s back in New York.

On why it’s hard to do comedy these days:

I’m working out some material. I’m working on a tour. It’s very scary for comics now because people tape you then they put your stuff on YouTube. You’re working stuff out, so something you say might be offensive or just right and then you got all this criticism of your act. You can say do your thing, but that’s what they told Tracy Morgan and then he had to apologize to NBC.

On Tracy Morgan:

He’s working to come back. If you sit next to him you don’t even know anything is wrong. He’s Tracy. He’s in physical therapy working it out. But he was in a pretty bad accident.

If you’re in New York City, check out Sherri at Caroline’s On Broadway tonight at 8 p.m. But don’t put it on YouTube.

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20 thoughts on “Sherri Shepherd On ‘The View’s’ Problems, Mike Epps’ Twitter Issues And Tracy Morgan’s Comeback

  1. pac4me on said:

    Sherri, Sherri, Sherri – making reference to The Color Purple quote was in bad taste – they did right by you when they gave you a job, now you take responsibility and own up to your inability to get the job done. And I don’t blame Ms Barbara – how crash to talk about somebody else’s money on national TV, while the person is listening. Oh, I can remember how you went on & on about your “solid” friendship with Elizabeth – where is she right now? – and Yes, The View’s numbers are falling, but after such a long tenure, that’s okay – things change, people’s needs change

  2. Sherri’s not funny and neither is Mike Epps. It’s funny how people get to a certain point and then they think their ish don’t stink. And if she ever decides to exam the tumbling ratings of “The View” a little closer, she may find that those numbers were steadily falling, maybe even harder, when she was employed there.

  3. Sherri and her big mouth. Sherri ruined The View for everyone that use to love it. She talk about things that she didn’t know about just to here her self talk. She should never talk about The View the show is better than ever without her. I know that I had to quit watching it due to her. Now I am back and loving the show. Sherri thinks she made the show how wrong this stupid women is.

  4. Bridget on said:

    I won’t be listening on Thursday’s anymore. I couldn’t take her on The View. Now I surely will not be listening to her EVERY Thursday.

  5. Majeral on said:

    Sherri and Elizabeth can go. Period! Got sick and tired of both of them.Elizabeth is so stupid it is embarrassing.But no wonder she like Palin.
    Ever since Sherri lost weight and dumped her husband her mouth got bigger than her head. Glad they are both gone. Surely in this great big world of entertainment they can find people more intresting than either of them.

    • Sherri & Liz are bitter after being canned from “The View”. No one likes to be fired. I wOuld not mind if Star Jones guest hosted on “The View”. That would be fun! She has been away along time and has never co-hosted with Rosie O.

  6. It is Rumored that Joy is guest hosting but that was Monday & Friday but she was not on this Monday. Joy is not going to help the ratings. The ratings have stabilized by the way and “The View”. They are down a bit in their demographic but they still top the copy kat “The talk”. “The real” is pulling in the young women. The co-host on “The real” are dumber then dirt! “Unbreak my heart” singer Toni Braxton’s little sister needs to learn to talk. Her vocabulary is straight out of the ghetto. Get some class girl. Ask sister Toni to teach you some manors. For a talk show that has been on nearly 20 years “The View” is still a hit. Sherri is just bitter since being fired. She’d go back in a minute if they asked her.

    • I agree with you totally on that. “The Real” is an embarrassment. The only saving grace on there is Tamara Mowry. And don’t get me started on Braxton. Her actions and grammar are past ridiculous for someone in front of the camera. Quite sad really. And if these are the people our young folks are looking up to and trying to emulate….then Father help us all.

  7. “Until you do right by me…” a “Color Purple” reference. Well Sherry you talked about having a 7 year plan and you had planned to leave anyway. because you had other things you wanted to do. So, what’s the REAL story? You need to stop pinching those sour grapes and move on. I do not believe anyone did you wrong. Funny how easy it is to rewrite history, particular when you feel you need to get some sympathetic press.

    Nicole is sharp and funny with some thing well thought out to say, based on experience and being well read. Rosie P is spunky and offers a somewhat different point of view based on her harsh upbringing and then truly making her life work for her. Rosie O is funny, well read, opinionated and fair and an advocate for justice. And Whoopie, what can you say, she is a Wise Woman, a Wisdom, that has been through the “war”, has earned all her stripes, has blazed a trail for others to emulate and pulls everyone back to the point of focus.

  8. I think Sherri is such a hypocrite I didn’t like her before but now I can’t stand her. She’s always talking and saying nothing, her career is a mess and her personal life is a bigger mess. She needs to go somewhere and do it soon, I don’t listen to TJMS on Thursdays anymore now that she’s on

  9. Amazing. So Mike Epps comes out again, against another comic – first Kevin Hart and now Chris Rock? Please. What is it with him? There’s enough room for everyone Mike, including me if I decided to become a comic. Jealously makes him look like an even bigger idiot. Tired of hearing him speak out against other talent.

  10. Simply can’t stand Sherri S. she went along with her girlfriend Elizabeth H. too many times on the View for me against blacks. Elizabeth left, now she’s off the show she wants to come back to black community. Find old tape of when of her discussion about voting for Obama. Love TJMS but I cut it off anytime she is on, sorry Tom..

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