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Mike Epps is having a pretty good career these days. Unlike a lot of comedian/actors, he still does standup. He’s also starring as Uncle Julius on the new Starz hit Survivor’s Remorse is appearing on Being Mary Jane and has a role in the Bessie biopic for HBO. He’s also finally going to play Richard Pryor in the biopic helmed by Lee Daniels, the creator of Empire.

On his ongoing Twitter wars:

Which war? I had a lot of them. I’m not on Twitter no more. Now, I’m working all the time. When you see me having a Twitter war, I wasn’t working that much.

On ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ and being on TV:

(Epps says it’s coming back in March, yay!) That was my first time really doing television. I guest starred on a television show. It’s work. I was saying I do film and it’s a different type of animal. TV is like a regular job. I haven’t worked since I have a summer job. I’ve been preparing to be Richard Pryor with the great Lee Daniels.

The Richard Pryor biopic:

I start shooting in March. We’re going to be shooting in L.A. and New York. I’m really, really nervous, but it’s a good nervous. I gotta represent the King. It left me, but it came back. I think I was born to play the brother. Our lives have paralleled in so many ways. I think when you’re a real artist, a great artist, most of them had a problem at some point in their lives. I fight demons all the time. I just think alcohol and drug addiction are hereditary sometimes. We can’t fight it.

The Richard Pryor will be just as big as Selma or any of the other black history movies. Richard Pryor had almost as strong an effect as Martin Luther King on Black people. He was talking about race. He was talking about cops jumping on Black people back in the day.

On ‘Top Five’ – (a quote likely to set off his next Twitter beef) 

I haven’t seen it. I don’t know why they called it ‘Top Five’ there wasn’t one good comedian in the whole movie. I don’t know why they keep giving Chris Rock opportunities. He’s a great standup and a good Meerkat. When do these white people – they’re blind. They keep giving the wrong dude opportunities.

You Can See Mike Live:

Miami 1/16 with Adele and Bruce Bruce 

Tampa 1/23 with Cedric The Entertainer, Charlie Murphy and more.

Jacksonville 1/24

Cincinnati, 1/30

Raleigh 1/31 

There is so much more hilarity to this interview. Take a listen to the whole thing above.

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4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Mike Epps: ‘If You See Me On Twitter, That Means I’m Not Working’

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I can’t wait to see the Richard Pryor movie. I just hope M. Epps does Mr. Pryor justice. I like Mike and Chris both so I don’t understand the remarks about the opportunities, he deserves them. My top 5 comedians list is much different than Chris’ but that’s how he sees it.

  2. Looking forward to seeing Mr. Epps portray Richard Pryor. Pryor was a great comedian who was way ahead of his time-however, much of his material is still relevant today!!!!!

  3. Ms Curly on said:

    Why do we always have to put someone else down as a people. What god has for Chris Rock is for him and what god has for Mike Epps is for him. Both are talented and there is no need for the hate.

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