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Bill Cosby laid low for a while after those old allegations of rape resurfaced, but lately he’s been trying to make a go of it.

Even after at least 15 venues cancelled his appearances, Cosby showed up at the ones that did not and was welcomed by his audiences with open arms.

His PR people even sent out press releases touting how thrilled people were to see him do comedy again.

Then reality set in.

Women began showing up at his events with signs reading ‘Bill Cosby is a rapist.’

A few days ago in Canada a man interrupted his show screaming, “We believe the women.”

Heckler: “We believe the women. (boos) We believe the women.”

Cosby:  Stop, stop.

Heckler:  “We believe Cosby.”  (Applause)

Cosby continued on with the show, but the yelling didn’t stop.

He begged supporters in the audience not to engage the hecklers.

Cosby- “We’re going to continue with our show.”

Heckler- “You arrogant piece of sh!t.”

Cosby- “Stop.  No, no don’t do this. Please.

Heckler- “You arrogant piece of sh!t.”

Cosby- “No, no. Stop. Stop. It’s alright.  It’s alright.”

But is it alright?

After reading and seeing the reports in the news I had been wondering the same thing.

Why is this 77-year old man, who has all the means in the world, putting himself out there to be ridiculed in front of a live audience – with the video bound to go viral on line?

At the same moment I turned on the TV and The Wendy Williams Show was on.

Wendy Williams: “No it’s not alright and I’m gonna tell you why. See this is to me where kids come into the fray. See, this is the time when you give your father the hook like the Apollo right, where you pull him off stage and you sit down and you stage an intervention.  I’m not counting on Camille, the long suffering Camille Cosby, his wife to do it.  But it’s up to the daughters, you know, modern, modern people.”

Bill Cosby has had a long career.

His lawyers are no doubt advising him to stay quiet, meaning he can never address the allegations, meaning there’s little opportunity for vindication.

His sold out shows are proof that there are people who want to hear Bill Cosby do stand up, but there are probably more right now who want him to sit down.

Why would he even put himself through the trouble?

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