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Actor Dennis Haysbert has made his career playing strong, intriguing characters. He starred as the President Of the United States on 24 and as the head of an elite military special ops unit on The Unit. This time around he plays a detective/preacher on his new television show Backstrom which premieres on Fox on January 22nd.

“I’ll probably bust you during the week but I’ll give you salvation on the weekend,” Haysbert says. His famously resonant voice not only gives extra gravitas to his roles, but it’s an attraction for women as well.

“But not as many as I’d like,” Haysbert says. He says his voice dropped into his now famous baritone as a freshman in high school. “That’s when I started acting.”

The 60-year-old actor, who is 6’4, could have been an athlete but went into acting instead. One of his jobs as he was a struggling actor was as grocery clerk, where, yes, he did the in-store announcements.

As an actor, he’s played a variety of high-profile roles on TV film and stage, but he says if he had to choose any role as a favorite it would be on the short-lived TV show Now and Again with Eric Close.

“He was a scientist, a doctor an NSA agent and he was purposefully verbose. He had an acerbic wit – what it would take a person one line to say, he had a paragraph at least.”

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