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After recovering from his gunshot wounds for several weeks in a New Jersey hospital, Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel was released earlier this week. Now, a new update about his condition reveals that he underwent surgery related to his injuries in order to remove one of his lungs according to TMZ. The lung apparently had to be removed given a large number of fragments from a bullet he took in the stomach in December.

While Sigel was released from the hospital, he wasn’t in a position to return home and was instead taken to Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation to undergo an intensive 90 day rehab program.

According to Billboard, Sigel and another man were both injured outside of a New Jersey home on the morning of December 5. Sigel was brought to the hospital for his injuries while the other man declined treatment and refused to cooperate.

Not much about the shooting itself is known though it seems clear from police statements that Sigel wasn’t the intended target. The rapper was found in the basement of the home when police investigated the scene. Given that he was in the “wrong place” at the “wrong time” according to police, one of the most unlucky details of the story is the fact that the State Property rapper had moved into his brother-in-law’s house and was serving the final day of his home confinement sentence the morning he was shot. The incident took place just months after his release from prison in August of 2014. 

Take a look below at an image of Sigel leaving the hospital posted by fellow Philly emcee Neef.

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