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If you’re peddling roses on the street, outside da club, don’t even try Kevin Hart ’cause he ain’t buying ‘em.

Why is that, you ask? Because he doesn’t need them. The lil funny man flatly rejected a rose seller Tuesday night, because it’s a waste of money now that he’s sealed the deal with his woman.

Naturally TMZ caught it all on tape.

Hart’s leaving The Emerson Theatre in Hollywood when the rose lady approaches him. He does a show and tell with his fiancee Eniko Parrish to demonstrate why roses are now superfluous to his life.

But then there’s a turn … and what Kevin does is awesome.

The bottom line is that Kevin’s days of buying roses to try and get over with the ladies is over. Again, he ain’t buyin’. He’s already hooked up. Next!

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(Photo/Video Source: TMZ)

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