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Dear Tom,

Howdy to Sybil and Jay. First let me thank you guys for helping me start each morning off right by providing a healthy dose of laughter, good music and up to the minute current events. Second, I would like to nominate my sister Sheryl Wright as your Thursday morning mom.

My sister Dunny (her pet name) is the youngest of seven children but many times she acts like the oldest. She is truly the glue that binds the family together, always reaching out to all of her brothers and sisters and keeping us up to date with what’s going on in the family. She has a beautiful family with two daughters and her husband. She works as a substitute kindergarden teacher in New York City and after a day with a classroom of children she is always patient with her two girls.

She also has the major responsibility of taking care of our mother who over the last two years have had both knees replaced and a shoulder surgery. I have never heard Sheryl complained that she needs more help from us or that she is over whelmed. Even though I know it must be difficult at times since she is also taking classes towards her master’s in education. She and her husband were expecting triplet girls in December but they came early. Yes, five daughters. They have been planni ng to do work on their house but as you can imagine that everything is on hold, and probably for the next few years.

Tom if my sister is chosen, I would love to see the family have new kitchen appliances. They are badly in need of a make-over, the old gas range leaks at times and makes me worried about their safety. Even though that would be source of discontent for many women, she works with what she has to provide home cooked meals for her family. With three new babies for the holidays, they will definitely need all the help that they can get. Thanks a million in advance. God Bless.


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