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Moviegoers in Chicago and Baltimore will get a New Year’s Day present from Paramount as it extends the limited release of “Selma” into the two cities on Thursday (Jan. 1).

Media sources report the studio announced the extended run Tuesday as it revealed that “Selma will play exclusively in one theater, in both cities, before arriving on more screens in those cities, when it opens nationwide, on Jan. 9. Internationally, “Selma” is set for a Jan. 25 release in Brazil, followed by arrivals in Argentina and Greece on Feb. 5, the U.K. on Feb. 6 and Germany on Feb. 19.

News of “Selma’s’’ extended limited run comes after the film grossed more than $900,000 on just 19 screens in New York and Los Angeles during the Christmas holiday weekend. The film’s director, Ava DuVernay and star David Oyelowo celebrated the release of the film, which also took place Christmas Day in Washington D.C. and Atlanta, by seeing firsthand the reaction of the audience in five theaters in Los Angeles.

DuVernay took to Instagram to share her feelings regarding the crowd’s reaction via the following post:

“Five theaters in five hours with David on SELMA’s Christmas opening day! What an honor. We snuck in to watch folks from Hollywood to Century City to Baldwin Hills looking up at the images, the light from the screen falling beautifully on their faces. All kinds of faces. Older and younger. Black, white, brown and everything in between. All classes and cultures. All sitting together in the dark, watching the film we made with our friends. I can [sic] even describe. Thanks to all who bore witness on Christmas! And advance gratitude to everyone checking it out this long holiday weekend and when we open everywhere on January 9. Incredible! xo!”

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