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The new year brings with it numerous resolutions to improve one’s life in many areas, including romance, finances and even sex. More often than not, some of these desired commitments take a back seat to others that appear to be less challenging to approach. Sex lives seem to receive the least attention of all resolutions, but by remembering not to make these five common sexual mistakes in the new year you can lead a healthy and sustaining sex life in 2015.

1. Ditching the condom

Too many people forego the safer sex method and ditch the condom without speaking about it or without getting tested with their partners. Not only does this put one at risk for catching a STD but this also puts one at risk for unwanted pregnancy. Before deciding to practice “skin to skin” sex, speak to your partner about recent STD results and other birth control options. STDs are prevalent in the African-American community especially herpes, HPV and HIV which all currently have no published or known cure, according to the CDC, so choose to practice safer sex.

2. Assuming someone is STD free

STDs are asymptomatic and most people take on the role of assuming a person is free of infection because there are no symptoms present, but this is the worst assumption one can make. Before entering into a sexual experience with a new partner or with a previous partner that you may have been away from for a period of time, make the commitment to get tested together not only for your safety but to have a more pleasurable experience.

3. Assuming your partner knows how to please you

Both men and women tend to go into sexual situations assuming the other knows how to put on the moves to make the experience completely satisfying, but this isn’t always the case. To ensure your sexual experiences are pleasurable this year, get into the habit of speaking to your partner about your turn ons and turn offs. Let your partner know what he or she needs to do in order to take you to the place of ecstasy you seek. Communication will now and forever be a key component of healthy and satisfying sexual relations.

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