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This year I had the wonderful opportunity to interview and later meet Ilyasah Shabazz in conjunction with her children’s book about her father, “Malcolm Little.”   Check out my recent conversation with Ilyasah Shabazz about her latest, book, “X: A Novel.”

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10 thoughts on “X: A Novel by Ilyasah Shabazz

  1. G.Braud on said:

    It is time that these people begin acting like human beings and not savages and time for them to stop using the excuse that we, the white Americans, owe the black population because of slavery. No one in the 21st century owned slaves. The only people who presently own slaves is the Federal government who owns anyone who receives all of the “free” benefits such as food stamps, “free” housing, “free” welfare money, “free” cell phones with “free” texting, etc., “free” healthcare, etc. Why do you think this administration is so eager to give out all of these “free” things? The reason is that this government wants you to be completely dependent on the government so that they can control you, and they already are controlling you. After all, didn’t you cast your vote for the person who is responsible for handing out all of the “free” stuff, no matter if this person was qualified for the position or not?

    • Many blacks are suffering from the “ghosts” of slavery, look at the mentality of the southern people, also you have senators, governors, and mayors that work hard in keeping that mentality alive and well so that they can run their political platform on, what it the same old talk from people running for any political office? “Jobs, Education,Tough on crime,” they like to keep these issues going so that people can point the finger at other social issues like “racism” as an excuse for their situation, police officers use being afraid of blacks in killing them, along with the derogatory language that they use to justify their savage behavior, so until everyone can sit down at the table and come “clean” concerning old feelings that they keep harboring and holding onto that holds no basis in substance, this will continue to exist.

    • You may not have owned slaves, but you and your family and this country profited and continues to profit from the institution. You are not faultless simply because you are not doing anything to help the situation. Then you have the nerve to talk about free government assistance programs. Don’t you realize that far more whites benefit from these programs than blacks, idiot? No one needs to use racism as an excuse for anything other than whites like you who don’t even want to acknowledge that it exist and is a detriment to others.

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