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Will Smith hasn’t been doing so hot as his last two films — After Earth and Winter’s Tale — went down as critical and commercial failures. He’s going to be back at it next year, which will find who was once Hollywood’s most bankable star playing the type of character he plays best: the smooth smart aleck (Fresh Prince and Hitch are examples).

Focus will be Smith’s next film in which he plays Nicky Spurgeon — a con man who’s been thrown off a bit thanks to the appearance of a former flame (Margot Robbie). The new trailer shows Spurgeon getting involved in a scheme that involves billionaire race car owners, sex, guns and plenty of Smith one-liners. There’s not that much promised in this trailer beside plenty of action, but it looks like it has a real shot at breaking Smith’s dry streak as well as boost the profiles of his relatively unknown co-stars.

Focus will hit theaters on Feb. 27.


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