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Iggy Azalea is finally answering critics back over her claims she lacks the education in hip-hop. Over the weekend, hip-hop legend Q-Tip gave the Australian rapper a good history lesson on the genre and explained why it was so important in today’s society. the former A Tribe Called Quest rapper’s tutilage came after Azalea’s nemesis Azealia Banks read her for filth in an interview last week accusing her of  the “scrubbing” and appropriation of of black culture. Now after staying mute over the entire affair, Azalea is firing back against the naysayers.

Azalea jumped on Twitter to respond to the critiques and insisted she deserved her spot in hip-hop. In a series of tweets, Azalea stated:

Earlier on, Will.I.Am defended Azlea’s role in hip-hop and showed her some love on Twitter. The Black Eyed Peas  frontman remarked:

Rapper Lupe Fiasco also donned his cape to support Azalea’s spot in rap.

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37 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea FINALLY Responds To Criticism On Hip-Hop Culture

  1. why are they making fun of her. Enimim, Blondy, vanilla Ice and another dude with red hair pick on them as well oh yea Base head, there are more white rappers out there not just her seriously she not the only one

  2. As for the whole comments of Black people saying white people trying to act like them. Only 2 types of people will say this.

    1. Black people who grew up in all black neighborhoods.
    2. White people who grew up in all white neighborhoods.

    Then you have people like myself, who was white and grew up in all black (mixed asian,hisapnic) neighborhoods. Where I was the minority!

    It has NOTHING to do with the color of your skin. It has to do with were you grew up. If a white person grew up in an all Hispanic or black or even Asian neighborhood. They will start to act and be like that group.

    As for ‘white people in hip-hop’. These people are obviously completely clueless of all the artists out there. There are dozens of white rappers. Male and Female. Some or most of which are not ‘DICTIONARY RAPPERS’ trying to rhyme words together that make no sense, just rhyme. Most of which have better flow than most Black Rappers (Minus/equal to most old school rappers, Mos Def and a few others) AND… better music all around. These so called ‘Mainstream Radio Rappers’ really do not have as much talent as they think they have. More concerned with fame than any actual talent. Real talent is out to changes peoples lives, make you think. Not to just swim in loads of cash.

    Music should and is supposed to break the barriers, those boundaries separating people. it is for all to like, all to do if they can and for all to enjoy. Dont like, easily turn it off and put something else on. No one cares to hear what you do and do not like when not asked in regards to music. The soulless!

  3. Ebola Jenkins on said:

    Icky Diarrhea, who recently implied that all blacks ‘Lack Mental Capacity’, grew up in her father’s mud-brick house in the Australian Outback. What probably caused her to say such a thing is the fact that her current husband, rapper Williams, is ALSO racist against black women. His entire life before he married Icky- he refused to go out with women who have black skin because he found it ‘ugly’; the funny thing is, he has black skin himself, and married a girl named ‘Icky’.
    …Icky only had a few years of practicing ‘black talk’, and is getting pretty good at it. She used to get with old dusty Aboriginal guys living at the end of her sandy road and fantasize that they were ‘American rappers’.
    …In her next video, I would like to see her perform on that giant native-Australian fart-flute instrument they have… You know?… the one that goes: “PPPPPPPFFFFFFFTTTTTTWWWWOOOOOOAAAAAWWWWW-WWWWWOOOOOAAAAAAWWWWWW-WWWWWWOOOOAAAAAWWWW…”

  4. blowfish on said:

    So… I wonder how many of these black hiphop “artists” actually know music theory. I’m taking a guess and saying its ZERO. Just sayin.

    • Apparently, it is not a prerequisite for creating artistry that sells. Chances are, Iggy probably knows nothing about music theory either.

      • blowfish on said:

        I understand differently but that’s not my point. Throwing bricks in glass houses.. that’s all I’m sayin.

    • actually, there are many MUSICIANS who aren’t experts at music theory. Yet, they get on stage and in the studio and bang out great music. With instruments. this isn’t really relevant to the convo here.

  5. My head hurts trying to read this article/post. It wasn’t checked for errors and all the posted tweets are backwards. If there was a point here, I didn’t make it that far to find out what it was.

  6. antonio andolini on said:

    I’ve never heard her music.
    But I DO know that the first girl to lay down some rhymes on vinyl was Blondie (aka Debby Harry).
    (a “white girl”)

    • Lol! “Fab Five Freddy told me everybody’s fly D.J. spinning I said my my flash is fast flash is cool Francois c’est pas flashe non due and you don’t stop sure shot go out to the parking lot and you get in your car and drive real far and you drive all night and then you see a light and it comes right down and it lands on the ground and out comes the man from Mars and you try to run but he’s got a gun and he shoots you dead and he eats your head and then you’re in the man from Mars you go out at night eating cars you eat Cadillacs Lincolns too Mercurys and Subaru and you don’t stop you keep on eating cars then when there’s no more cars you go out at night and eat up bars where the people meet face to face dance cheek to cheek one to one man to man dance toe to toe don’t move too slow ’cause the man from Mars is through with cars he’s eating bars yeah wall to wall door to door hall to hall he’s gonna eat ’em all rapture be pure take a tour through the sewer don’t strain your brain paint a train you’ll be singing in the rain said don’t stop to the punk rock…” Blondie – Rapture – 1981

      • Don’t forget Lady Sha Rock, of Bronx pioneers the Funky Four Plus One who is also widely considered to be the first female rapper.

  7. Why hate on her for doing what she loves? If people dont like her music dont buy it. If she won a grammy over black artists ( and yes Im black) be mad at the execs who made that decision ,not her. Hip hop has turned into a lot of foolishness long before she even came on the scene. People callin her fake…..its entertainment. How many of these young thugs ever had money they claim to have or fake gangstas who
    grew up in the burbs..There are many people in hip hop that deserved to be criticized if thats the reason. Idont feel shes tryin to steal anything,if she makes music and people buy it,good for her, if not than thats cool too. Why make it so personal???This girl hasnt come out disrespecting anybody,shes just doin her.

  8. Oh and’s opinion is quite irrelevant. His foray into tech, and the horrible devices he is trying to mainstream, is unforgivable. A camera case for an iPhone? A bracelet that looks like it weighs a ton as a watch? I’m not sure who convinced him that he’s got the goods to meld fashion and tech, but he’s failing at it, and miserably.

  9. I have to say, I love hip-hop, and I love a number of white performers in the genre. I am a Beastie Boys fan. The difference here, I think, is that the BB’s remained true to who they were, and put a twist on what hip-hop was. Iggy, in contrast, is simply fake, all the way around. The accent, the ass, the “swag”, if you want to call it that, etc. It’s not her, and that’s the issue. Not her being white. It’s about being totally fake.

  10. Her being white has nothing to do with it!!! It’s the fact that she is a fake ass imposter, I can’t stand to hear her fake ass accent or see her fake ass ( literally). You can’t compare her to people like beastie boys or eminem they were real and always stayed original, her fake ass doesn’t have an original bone in her body.

  11. YoWhispastank on said:

    Laughable…it has nothing to with her being white…its but being foney. Someone name a few great white rap stars who made off pure talent. When you got ultimately white execs trying to force her into hip hop, it pisses real hip hop heads off…white, black.brown…ect. I would looooooooooove for her to got into a freestyle battle…Tip put your money where your mouth is…

  12. In life everyone is entitled to do whatever career they choose and its no ones business to tell them otherwise most people criticize because of their own insecurities and for the record I am black and I know what its like to be told what you do and do not deserve I like Iggy, and I have been through many years of rap the late 70s to the present time. Keep up the good work Iggy.

  13. who gives a shit half these rappers aren’t even talented anymore anyways its all simplistic elementary ass rhymes to some pounding hood ass beat and everybody goes fuckin apeshit over it..and another thing I don’t get is how this Australian bitch can sing like some down south hood bitch after being in the usa for only a few years and Arnold Schwarzenegger been here for his whole life and still sounds like a fucking retard

  14. How come no one complained about the Beastie Boys in the 80-s and 90s—all this is Racism by ignorant people !!!!

    when Jimmy hendrix was coming up —i dnt remember white(rock) america complaining !!!
    if you dont like her music —dont buy it —plain and simple

    • Rock music evolved primarily from the Blues..Iggy Azalea winning a Grammy for hip-hop in a sea of many superior black artists is akin to Elvis Presley being donned “The King of Rock n’ Roll”.

    • Nightwater on said:

      It wouldn’t have made any sense for White Americans to complain about Jimmy Hendrix doing what he did considering Black people Created Rock n Roll music!

      That is the problem with it all. Whites steal culture from other and White Wash it. You are under the impression that White create rock and roll when in fact they did not. Blacks also created House music–but I guess you think Whites created that also. I bet you probably also think they created Jazz music as well considering the fact that its been White washed with the charts of Jazz being 100% White these days (go look at them now). Its not right!

      White people have been doing this all through history and because you are White you find it ok.
      If their is a god you people are going to hell. Note I said if so you maybe ok

  15. Dick Montanez on said:

    Here is the problem with Azalea answer, she shows that her connection to the hip hop community is strictly to collect checks. She is not rapping about the struggle. She has no real struggle to speak. She is not using her voice to highlight injustice in the world. She just in this to get paid. This is where hip hop has come to and in 10 years people will forget about the founders of this genre just like they have done for Rock and Roll. Q Tip urged her to speak about the struggle. How could she, she a chick from Australia bitting an America art form to make that paper. Her response to Q is either ignorant, careless, or self serving and the finally descent of the end of HIP HOP NATION.

    • Iggy does not have a struggle either and she has been known to be disrespectful to black people so she does not deserve to be a part of a culture whom the people within it she HATES.

    • Nile Queen on said:

      Actually Banks and Q Tip made a valid point. Iggy is not a talented lyricist. I can honestly say I like some of the beats to her songs (which she did not produce), but that does not mean she has any talent. You grow up you ignorant beady eyed looking freak.

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