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I wrote an editorial last year for this program saying that the country should pay attention to the mayoral election in New York City.

I said it was one of the most important races in the world because of the city’s controversial stop and frisk policy and because other cities around the country might have to take heed as to how the new mayor went about making changes to city’s police department.

When I said that many people would be made to think that it was a choice of safety versus political correctness, many people misconstrued my words.

Yet here we are.

Following the announcement that there would be no indictment of the officer who was involved in the Eric Garner chokehold death and then after the assassination of two NYPD officers Mayor Bill de Blasio has found himself at the center of a firestorm.

Many of the officers feel that, through his remarks, the mayor sided with the people who are protesting on the city’s streets rather than the officers who are sworn to keep those streets safe.

When Mayor de Blasio visited the hospital where the two officers were pronounced dead, NYPD rank and file turned their backs on the mayor as he walked by; symbolizing their feeling that the mayor has turned his back on them.

After the officers’ death the head of the officer’s biggest union, Patrick Lynch did not hold back in his criticism of the mayor, saying along with protesters, the mayor has blood on his hands.

“That blood on the hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor.”

CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin says he hasn’t seen this big a division between the mayor and the New York City Police Department since John Lindsay was mayor in the 1960’s.

But Toobin rejects the union’s portrayal of de Blasio.

“I think the union leadership of the New York City cops has been totally disgraceful. The kind of language they’re using, saying the blood is on the hands of Mayor de Blasio is ridiculous. There is nothing that Mayor de Blasio said that inspired this evil man who killed his girlfriend or shot his girlfriend earlier in the day, this psychotic to kill these two brave police officers. I think the union officials have done nothing but poison the relationship in the city, and I don’t think you can blame Mayor de Blasio for that.”

Still there are people both in politics and out who are going as far as demanding that the mayor step down, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly among them.

“This is an individual to resign today. Today. He cannot run this city, he’s lost control of the police department and their respect. They will never come back no matter what he says, because he sided with the protesters.  That’s what he did.  And he associated with provocateurs.  And he has disgraced the office of mayor of New York City.  He should resign.”

There are other voices who are calling for the mayor’s job saying he no longer commands the respect of the city’s police department.

Some of those same voices are saying President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and other community activists are responsible for ratcheting up the rhetoric which precipitated the murder of the two officers.

This has become more political than anyone dare expected.

And mark my words, fasten your seatbelts, this is just the beginning.

It’s going to be a bumpy 2015.

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8 thoughts on “Don Lemon Says The Division Between NYPD & Mayor de Blasio Will Only Get Worse In 2015

  1. Jim why don’t you be a real man and be kind and let go of the hate. Try to acknowledge that there are people in every race that has bad behavior. Try to know people and don’t assume.

  2. Timekeeper on said:

    I read these blogs and this one is no different from many others on this topic. Rather than people have an open mind and hear what others are saying, they would prefer to Double down on their own beliefs and if someone doesn’t subscribe to their narrative, they feel the immediate need to flame, criticize, ridicule or throw that other person under the bus for simply having a different perspective than theirs.
    The police are very angry and rightfully so. That is no reason however to blame the entire black community, most who have denounced this idiot who committed this terrible crime. Some fault DeBlasio due to his comments, however comments made from several others are a lot more hateful and mean spirited than his. It is always tough to strike the exact right cord when a subject this sensitive arises. I doubt those who are so ready to assassinate the Mayor’s character could stand in front of the world and do any better. As for those who made so called honest statements Honest is one thing, that doesn’t make it accurate.. there are quite a few folks who are taking political advantage of this situation not just the ones we don’t like and therein lies the problem.
    If we don’t like somebody, then we blame that person. If we do like them, then it’s okay with us.
    That is why this probably is going to get worse. Because everyone is digging in their heels, rather than see the other person’s point of view. No doubt some will try and blast me just for pointing this out. I grew up in the hood, and so I did learn to handle myself in the rough part of town. Most black men know this by nature that there is ( and must be) a way to navigate thru your teen years as a young black kid growing up. We know the landscape and the dangers, we live and breath it every day. Mom and Dad didn’t have to tell us to be careful ( even though they did) because we knew that, Instinctively.
    What we didn’t know and still don’t at times is what is going to happen the next time we get pulled over. That is the difference, as well as the disconnect that is causing the police to be at odds with the Mayor and for people even on these posts to get so riled up at somebody else’s opinion.
    I mean, it’s the presidents fault, it’s Holder’s fault, you see the pattern? Yes, there is a tremendous problem in certain black communities, no doubt. There is also an element of the police that needs to be examined. And unless and until these basic truths are fully explored too many are simply going to take sides ( their own) and not even bother to listen to anyone else.

  3. These people are mean spirited and hateful. How do you blame the Mayor for somebody’s actions/the crime committed by the murderer. So they’re saying it’s okay for cops to kill because they can?

  4. These cops and people must be GOP/Republican/Teabaggers. Again, they don’t like the man because he’s married to a black woman and has black children, they’re using this as an excuse to spew their hate and poison. Why are so many white people so mean spirited and hateful towards black people and people who associate with black people?

  5. Century6 on said:

    As an African-American father of four, my wife and I not only explained to our children (now grown) how to handle police encounters, we also made sure to tell them, especially the boys, about encounters with other Black males. We felt this was important because they are FAR MORE LIKELY to lose their life at the hands (or the gun) or another Black male than the police. The fact the NY mayor DeBlasio chose to share with the public the conversation with his bi-racial son about police, but said not a word on whether he talked to his son about dealing with other Black males showed me he’s more afraid of alienating the Al Sharptons of the world than his own police department. So much for the so-called “conversation or race.” Blacks and white are too afraid to share their real feeling for fear of being called a racist or Uncle Tom. Look at the pounding former NY mayor Giuilani and Charles Barkley are taking for their honest feelings about race, police, etc.

    • Couldnt help but notice you left one out…..the number of White thugs that killed cops this year….which is higher than the number of blacks……

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