With her controversial political views on race and President Barack Obama, Stacey Dash has gotten on a lot of people’s bad side. Especially her family, which no longer speaks to her.

Chatting with The Edit, Dash admitted she and her relatives are not communicating. Among those family members is Stacey’s cousin Dame Dash, who she looked up to back in the day as a role model.

“My family and I have not spoken. My cousin Damon and my brother [Darien, CEO of DME Interactive Holdings] were role models to me because they were great capitalists. Now we’re not really talking because they were the ones who told me to keep my mouth shut. They felt that I should do certain things because I’m black,” said Dash, who also admitted that her views have alienated her from “certain friends.”

“Certain friends don’t speak to me any more either. But you know what? In the street I get [approached by] so many people of every color saying: ‘Thank you so much for standing up and being so brave.’ I thought it was time to have a black president and that it would unite us in such a profound way. But as a country, I don’t think we’ve been so divided since the Civil Rights Movement. I mean, isn’t it extraordinary that we are even discussing race in 2014?”

In addition to family drama, Dash discussed her rough upbringing and how fans come to her defense against critics on social media.

“I had to be tough to survive. I come from nothing, so other people’s opinions don’t scare me,” the self-described black conservative said. “When I get hateful tweets, I just re-tweet them and then my fans pile in and attack the haters while I sit back.”

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(Photo Source: AP/PR Photos)

9 thoughts on “Stacey Dash Admits She Doesn’t Speak To Cousin Damon, Blames It On Being A Republican

  1. lol…your twitter followers? The same ones all the Fox hosts have? Take away those Ms Dash and you have 100 followers….Fox mantra…follow us and we will follow you! lol you are too funny

  2. Timekeeper on said:

    It isn’t because she is a republican, it is because of her nasty, no account, hate filled rhetoric that she spews on Faux news ever time they have her on..

    • 4 ways a slave won his freedom: By saving a white person’s life…..Save a white person’s property…Invent something to improve the picking of cotton and improving their profits i.e. Corn or tobacco….Rat on any other black person who was trying to escape from slavery Go here: http://bitly.com/1sA1j4H

  3. Dorothy Mitchell-Kincaid on said:

    Don’t know who this woman is, but know she’s a big liar. I don’t believe people are coming up to her saying anything. She’s a typical repugnant, LIAR.

  4. Oh, please Stacey Dash, while you are entitled to your opinion, in my opinion “you are a lost and confused soul.”. It’s sad when your own family doesn’t want anything to do with you, because you appear to be living in a world of denial.

    You claim you came up tough? Many people are “born with silver spoons in their mouths,”” and turn out to be the most troublesome people on this earth.

  5. No, you and your cousin have other issues. As for the race issue, it never left. I said this when the O J case was going on and I understood race issues that we need to stop thinking because folks are silent that it means “we accept you”. NOT. We live in “political correctness” which means say what you think people want to hear and NOT what you really are thinking. Electing President Obama has only made real racist BOLD to do what they always wanted to do. WHY is talking about race a surprise in 2014? You all need to stop with the “it is 2014” nonsense. Who said there is a timeline to stop hate. Mary and Joseph could not go in the inn because they were of color and she was pregnant with Jesus. And this happen when? ok, you get my point.

    • Timekeeper on said:

      Hi Tammy,

      We have often shared this same conversation as well. Obama becoming POTUS has emboldened and showed America the “True Colors” of many people who used to say they weren’t prejudice. Now, we all know better.

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