Victims’ Kin Speak Out As Thousands March In DC Demanding #JusticeForAll [VIDEO]


Washington, D.C. hosted the most high-profile and traditional of Saturday’s protests against racial bias in the legal system.  The march and rally was organized by National Action Network, Black Women’s Round Table, NAACP and National Urban League.

It was attended by the families of Black men and boys slain by police, including those of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Amadou Diallo, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Ramarley Graham and others. The parents of Trayvon Martin, movie director Spike Lee and activist/comedian Dick Gregory also participated. Estimates place the attendance at between 10,000 and 25,000 people.

NewsOne was there to capture the moment, which can be seen in the video above (interviews and speech excerpts start at the 1:30 mark).

The gathering provided the chance to hear from those affected most personally by the slayings.  Esaw Garner, wife of Eric Garner, told us the sunshine on that cold day was a good sign. Her late husband would have been “very, very happy,” she said.

John Crawford Jr., father of John H. Crawford, III told the crowd his son, who was shot by police in a Walmart while holding an air rifle from the shelves, “wasn’t killed on the street. He was killed in the biggest retailer in the world (Walmart) and we didn’t even get one condolence.”

Kadiatou Diallo, mother of Amadou Diallo, who was shot 41 times outside of his home while unarmed,  told protesters that 16 years after four white police officers were acquitted of killing her son, “We’re standing still and demanding the same thing.”

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer while carrying only Skittles and ice tea, told those gathered, “It hurts me to my heart to know that so many men are getting away with shooting and killing our young people and not being held accountable for it.”

“We got to make sure we talking to other folks so they understand what we’re going through, ‘cause some people don’t quite get it.” Fulton added, “I don’t have to tell one of these mothers here what they are going through, because they know. I don’t have to tell one single African American about racial profiling because you guys know.”

She challenged everyone in attendance to “talk to somebody that does not know. Talk to somebody and make somebody else knowledgeable, make somebody else aware and educate somebody else about you are going through. Because as long as we are just talking to ourselves we going to stay in our same circles.”

“We’ve got to step out of that circle,” said Fulton.

Rev. Al Sharpton in a rousing address, called for Congress and the United States government to bring forth “national legislation and intervention to save us from state grand juries that say it’s all right to choke people –even on tape — and you won’t bring ‘em to court.”

Sharpton also called out critics of the movement for social justice, quoting a slogan his youngest daughter gave him, saying, “You may bury us, but you didn’t know you were burying seeds.”

“When you bury us, we sprout up and start blocking traffic. Our seeds grow into civil disobiedence. Our seeds grow into nonviolence.

“Bury us if you want, but we’ll grow stronger,” proclaimed Sharpton.

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12 thoughts on “Victims’ Kin Speak Out As Thousands March In DC Demanding #JusticeForAll [VIDEO]

  1. Timekeeper on said:

    Why do people feel it is necessary to flame someone, simply because they have a different point of view. Scare,? Weak? Followers, etc, etc. Is this what we do to each other for having a difference of opinion?

  2. This is unrelated to this subject; however, it is an old racial issue.

    I have just learned as of yesterday that a seventeen year-old male whose name was Lennon Lacy was found hanging from swing set in Bladenboro, North Carolina on August 29th of this year. He was a football player. His mother said he was dating a 31 year-old white woman, and attended an interracial church. This murder is being investigated by the FBI. The police in this town declared it a suicide “four” days later.

    Please check out the story for yourselves. Here we are in 2014, and lynchings are still going on. Very, very sad, and disturbing!

    • Earlier this month a 32 year old White man from Bosnia was beaten to death by a group of Black teens in St. Louis community. Bosnian members of the community protested and want the teens charged as a hate crime. Seems in 2014 we still have a long way to go with our Racial Prejudices

  3. Joe Johnson:

    Stop trying to scapegoat the issues at hand. The marchers are protesting on all issues of injustice, inequality, and racist police brutality!

    Take your “tit-for-tat” elsewhere.

  4. Joe I see you doing a lot of complaining on here and bringing out a lot of numbers and statistics but my question is, what are you doing to make a difference beside trying to put down those that’s on the front line? We have to stop being crabs in the barrel and start lifting up one another.

    • Pointing out facts. wife and I do help by fixing poor folks houses. ..we invite our neighbors for picnics…and we help pay College tuition for at risk youths ..And we preach the word of God Love and understanding.

  5. Timekeeper on said:

    I am glad these families have a chance to voice their feelings. Quoting scripture and showing that much hate for one man, that is very confusing?!

  6. Joe Johnson on said:

    How come Al Sharpton didn’t invite the 4,800 Black Mothers who were killed by other Blacks in 2013, How come Al Sharpton didn’t invite the 3,900 Hispanic mothers ? Why not … Oh By The Way Al Sharpton When are you going to pay up the $ 4.5 Million You owe the IRS since 2008???
    Al Sharpton Did You apologize to Mayor Dinkins Family for Calling A Nigr .. and Jews for calling them Kikes and Hymie or Chines Chinks all on videos… How about gays .. Homos??/

  7. Joe Johnson on said:

    I agree with Jim’s comments .. we must respect our Brothers and Siters Lives ” All Black Lives Maters” including the 4,800 killed by other Blacks …. Love of God And Jesus Christ will help you Love Your Brother And Sister… And When You Do You won’t want to harm them ….

    • EIB. WHAT lynching? SINCE emancipation There has been 3609 Lynchings of Blacks
      And over 2500 lynching of Whites who were helping Blacks …Last Official.lynching was in the mid 1970 … that total over a 9th it’d of 100years is less than the 4800 Blacks who murder each other in 2013……Go With Jesus Brother Blacks and Hispanics need to love each other ……

  8. Joe Johnson on said:

    MLK Jr, stated during an interview this weekend on CNN That equally to Marchng for the 123 Black people that are killed by whitw, Black, and Hispanic Police we also must grieve and addess the Black On Black Murders (4,800 in 2013). So where are the outraged for the Black on Black Killings ???/
    The Bible Says … ” Hypocrite remove the log from your eye so that you can see the torn in your brother’s eye” .. Looose ranslation.

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