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Dawn Richard is too busy being fly to care about everyone’s shifting opinion of her appearance.

The Danity Kane singer doesn’t look exactly like the same girl who slayed on “Making The Band 3″ back in the day. Since her rise to fame, she’s been accused of altering her image by getting plastic surgery, and there was even a time when she was momentarily accused of bleaching her skin.

She hasn’t changed so much as to be unrecognizable, but some are not happy with her new appearance. Since those same critics have access to the Internet, they haven’t been shy about sharing those thoughts. Dawn’s usually been able to brush off the criticism, but for some reason she just had to speak up this weekend.

Her main issue isn’t so much the comments that are being made but rather how opinions have shifted like the breeze. “Same people saying this ‘she was prettier before’ crap are the people that said I was a tranny in 2009. Make up your mind lawd,” she wrote. “Meanwhile I’m really a cyborg👆( I see this post went over damn near everyone’s head) lmao.”

Just a day before this, though, Dawn was soaking up plenty of praise for her long luxurious locks! Of course, it wouldn’t shock anyone to find out that she also got her fair share of hate, so there’s a chance that perhaps her recent statement had to do with something to do with a not-so-nice comment that was mixed in with all of the compliments.

No matter what she may (or may not) have done to herself, Dawn still looks amazing–and some folks just can’t take it. Keep being fantastic, Dawn!

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5 thoughts on “Dawn Richard Defends Her New Look On Instagram

  1. Thanks for sharing. We have a lot of depression and anxiety in our family. As a church, I think it’s important to mention those things to help others know it’s ok. It’s helpful to go to counseling and anyone can suffer with depression sometimes.

    Thanks for your honesty and sharing…..

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