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Comedian/actor JB Smoove knows how to surround himself with good people. He’s been on Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Millers and other TV and film projects and now he’s in Top Five with Chris Rock.

Smoove says when you get a lot of comedians together as Rock did in this movie, it can be chaotic, but in Top Five the ensemble made it seamless.

If he gives you free rein, that’s when everybody gets and excuse to do the fool and talk over each other,” says Smoove. “In this movie, it worked out well. Chris wrote the movie he directed the movie and he’s starring in the movie. He loves to work around his friends so he loves this kind of stuff. He let everybody be themselves and have a good time. No one’s really playing themselves. He allowed everyone to just bring their personality and forget what they do on stage.”

Reviews for Top Five have been among the best for Rock’s career.

“A portal opened in the universe and he found the right spot. It’s a perfect time for the movie. Everybody is on their journey and everybody in the movie has something going on. It was good to see Tracy [Morgan]; he was in that terrible accident. This is Tracy in rare form. He’s doing better, he’s a strong guy, he’s going to be back and you hope the same thing for Artie.”

Sadly, The MIllers has been cancelled. even though it was the #1 new comedy this season. It was moved around just too much, Smoove says, but he enjoyed the ride.

“I felt like I was the adopted Black son of a white family,” he says.

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