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Tasha Smith’s comments regarding the cancellation of an appearance at a Women Veterans Interactive event has triggered a response from her estranged husband, Keith Douglas, who revealed the reason behind Smith’s no-show in an open letter to the nonprofit organization’s creator.

In the letter, made out to WVI’s Ginger Miller, Douglas puts Smith on blast, citing “personal” reasons for her not appearing at the Veterans Day event in addition to revealing that his wife never planned to return the $12,000 deposit she got for the appearance.

According to reports, Smith has yet to return the money to Miller, despite pleas to do so. A PR representative for Douglas revealed that Smith was the one who breached the contract and in light of their divorce, her assets are frozen.

As we reported, Smith, who denied receiving the money from Douglas, told a TV station that she feels “badly” that “Ginger and her organization are a casualty of my horrible divorce … they need to hold [Douglas] responsible and go after him legally.”

Miller later revealed that Smith offered to pay a quarter of the $12,000 if Miller signed a statement saying “you’re gonna go after RKD Management for the full amount and that you won’t slander my name.”

And now Douglas is coming into the mix with his open letter. The following is what he wrote to Miller:

Dear Ginger,

Hope this letter finds you in good spirit and health. I would like to express these sincere words to you. I know you do not know me but character is more important than anything. I have been in the entertainment business for over 15 years. I have five grown children, three boys and two girls. I am not a Hollywood celebrity nor do I claim to be. I’m a proud and sincere father and mentor to many. In life your record speaks for you. I have never had any financial or money problems with anyone in this industry. I respect what people do especially you by dedicating your life, your time and your service towards people who are in need and we both know that although we live in one of the greatest countries in the world, there is extreme poverty out there in these streets for various reasons. I take those who serve our country in military, very seriously because they have put their lives on the line so people such as myself can enjoy the liberties and safe will because of them.

I would never take advantage of you or anyone else for personal gain and I hope that you would think so. It saddens me just to know that you got caught up in this drama between my wife and I. So, as a man I must personally apologize to you for such a great inconvenience. I just want to make a few points and my reason for making these points is because it was never about the money with my wife as well as I. When my wife reached out to you two days before your event, her reasons were because of “personal reasons” and that was exactly true. Those personal reasons were because of our domestic split and she probably wasn’t in the best mood at that time which is clearly understandable. Although when you have an obligation, you must put behind personal reasons to fulfill your obligations. I have seen my wife on several occasions fulfill her movie obligations even when she was sick and tired but yet she showed character and fulfilled the role. But in this instance, I must speak the truth, she did not show character towards you and your organization. Keep in mind once again her reasons were for “personal reasons”.

It was never mentioned to you that she wasnt coming “because she didn’t get paid”. Prior to her coming to your event, there was a domestic restraining order filed against her that was served. She was upset with me because of my actions and decided for some reason to tell your organization to come after me for repayment when she clearly knew that we had received your companies payments through paypal way before your event. She even acknowledged through text to me which was sent to Kimberly. So, although we are currently dealing with this matter in court, I will be sending you half of your repayment now and if my wife doesn’t step up to the plate and send you the other half, I will be bringing this matter before the judge for full payment. Once I am reimbursed I will send you the remaining balance.

This letter that I am writing to you is an open letter because there is nothing to hide.

Once again, I would hope that you would accept my sincere apologies for any hurt or inconvenience this has done to you and your organization personally.


Keith Douglas

The open letter is the latest in the continuing saga surrounding Smith and Douglas’ divorce. In the span of the proceedings, the couple has taken numerous shots at each other in the media as well as taken out restraining orders against each other.

Stay tuned for more between former pair as things continue to get nasty.

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