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Jon Stewart let FOX News know exactly how ridiculous they sound when discussing Ferguson.

FOX has very clearly come down on the Darren Wilson side of things in Michael Brown‘s tragic shooting death because privilege. From criticizing protestors to being willfully ignorant of the history of police brutality and the Black community, conservatives on the cable news outlet just don’t get why all the Black people are so mad! It couldn’t possibly be that one Black kid got shot.

This is why Jon had to spell it out for them during his monologue on “The Daily Show” this week as he rattled off a list of other young Black men that have died as a direct result of police brutality. And was only talking about incidents in the last year or so. He didn’t even get far enough back to mention Sean Bell, who was killed on his wedding day!

FOX News has insisted that Michael’s death and the deaths of these other Black men couldn’t possibly be a civil rights issue. It just defies logic to them that Black people could possibly be fed up with automatically being treated as guilty on-sight in many instances. Besides, people of every race have equal rights…on paper.

If you hadn’t already gotten enough life from Jon’s read, he even compiled a number of clips that show several hosts and commentators accused President Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton of being racial puppeteers. Nevermind that both President Obama and Al have called upon the public to engage in peaceful protests, sooo…

The comedic anchor really highlighted just how suspect this scapegoating is by asking, “Are those the three people responsible, or did you just name the only three Black guys you could think of?” We’re guessing the latter. John pulled the same trick with the first Black guys he could think of, too! According to him Jay Z, Urkel and Hank Aaron are directly responsible for the tensions in Ferguson.

As with everything on FOX News, the argument generally comes back around to how terrible the president is and how he’s supposedly destroying America.

Way to fall back on your rhetoric there, FOX!

Remembering Mike Brown On His 19th Birthday (May 20, 1996- August 9, 2014)
30 photos

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3 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Drags FOX News For Ferguson Coverage & He Nails It [VIDEO]

  1. jfrank on said:

    Dear BAW:

    This is my first time commenting but I have been reading your website for years now. But I must say it is not good to show a picture of the dead body of Michael Brown lying in the street. I know of no other news article that did this. Please show respect to him, his family, and your audience by not showing this and other shocking images to make a point. The point is taken without it.

  2. Good for you Jon! Fox news is living in a world of denial; and they are always criticizing the President, because they are jealous of his intelligence and swagger. They all are a bunch of fuddy duddy racist snobs! Get a life already!

  3. Fox news channel is run by right-wing HATERS, so for them to cover the Ferguson story is a joke.
    That channel is supported by Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman, Bill O’Reilly and all the Klan.

    Kudo’s to Jon Stewart for calling their asses out!!!!!!!!!

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