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Dear Tom,

I want to tell you about my husband of 17 years he is a hard working dedicated father of our 2 children (13 & 6). For the past year in a half he has started to have several complications with his diabetes.

At age 39, he has suffered with neuropathy and recently had partial temporary loss of vision to his left eye due to diabetic retinopathy.  He literally woke up weeks ago, and could not see.

His job is directly affected by his vision.  We have had the hardest 6 years between illness, loss of jobs, the loss our home… it seems to never end.  It has been extremely difficult catching up from all that we have lost and the fear of losing it all again.  We just need a break.

We have tried for several years to take a family vacation.  medical bills, regular bills have taken over. The cost of airfare for a family of 4 is something that we just can’t afford.

I am asking you for assistance of any kind to help our family to “stand in the sun.”  the opportunity for our family to get a weekend away to have fun and see the sights while my husband still has his vision will give him something special to always remember.

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