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Kandi Buruss recently stopped by “Watch What Happens Live” and talked about her decision to buy Mama Joyce a house near her home.

Burruss defended her decision to take care of her mother and keep her near. Nevertheless, she said she owes no explanation to take care of her.

“I don’t have to really explain to anybody that I want to treat my mother well. You know? She’s my mother… When she does her crazy stuff it doesn’t really affect me,” She said.

She added, “I don’t allow it to affect my decision making when it comes to my relationship and stuff like that.”

Burruss not only stood up for her decision to keep her mother near, she also defended her mother against rumors she has a drinking problem.

And as for having her own family (besides her mother), she hasn’t found the time to conceive a baby with her husband Todd Tucker.

But she does want a baby soon. She said she doesn’t want to become old and trying to have babies. Therefore, children will be soon to come.

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20 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Defends Buying Mama Joyce a House (Watch)

  1. Kandi you can never buy or do enough for your mom because she is a very unhappy person who’s trying to live her life through you and if you don’t put a stop to her behavior you will never be successful in your marriage or have any peace, this is all about control. She has lived her life and from the looks of it, she hasn’t been so successful. Take notes!!!

  2. paula micdan on said:

    What’s the big deal if Todd devides to walk! What’s new among some of these black boys who ll play with black women’s heart all over the world. Thank God she took a little precaution before her vows. I just hope all you women out there are strong enough if a man lraves you, as long as you can fend for yoursrlf with Allah on your side. Goodluck girl. Your mum is yours so dont defend your spending on her. Loads of love

  3. Kandi can’t “spoil” her mother whenever she wants. I think she had to prove to her she would not slight her even after marrying Todd. Mama Joyce deserves the blessings for all she did to help Kandi achieve success! I suspect the house is one that will really appreciate in value over time and a good investment in the long run, resale market.

  4. Todd is the one I feel sorry for. It seems she has taken away is livelihood. Candi’s mother needs some kind of mental health. What I have seen she is a toxic mother. But, I have to say Candi your dress was to low, Your breast look like well it reminded me of a cow.

  5. This is b.s., I would never put up with such “aggressive ignorance and disrespect from my mother. What budget the mother does not work- how can she have a budget? If Kandi cannot see that her mother is using shaming tactics and ridicule to belittle Todd and his family and then reward her mother for such behavior –what kind of mother and daughter relationship is this? No one in their right frame of mind would reward such a behavior. Todd, there is NOT that much love in the world to put up with such lack of respect or courtesy, this is no man!!!!

  6. Good for her! She doesn’t have to explain or defend herself. That’s her mama. No matter what. My mama died several years ago. Yes, she was nagging sometimes, a royal pain but I loved her. She always had my back. I miss her everyday.

    • A house is one thing but a 7 bedroom with a basketball court what the hell is Joyce going to do with it. They had something to say when Porsha got her big house and here she is doing the same thing only difference Porsha is still young and can do something with a big house. When was the last time Joyce play basketball…lol. IMO Kandi is just paying her mother off to be nice to Todd. She gave her a house and she never even lived in it. Joyce is just a taker and nothing else.If anyone is an opportunist it is Joyce.

    • If Kandi wants to buy her mom a house it is her money and her business. The only one she has to answer to is Todd. She has only one mother so take care of her.

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