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This no way to spend a Thanksgiving vacation watching the Ferguson community react to the news that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted. Instead of being able to talk to you guys about it, I’m listening to the TJMS on the app.

But now that I think about it, it’s no weirder than anything else related to this horrific chain of events.

From the moment we all learned Michael Brown was gunned down by a cop in a place called Ferguson, Mo., things were sketchy. Because the police force waited so long to release a statement or to identify the officer involved, the people in the community had hours and even days to wonder and conjecture about what actually happened. And even more importantly, the police had hours and even days to put their own spin on what happened.

Now, months after the killing, Ferguson’s county prosecutor and others have had a chance to privately put on a trial, hear witness testimony and examine physical evidence that led a secret Grand Jury to decide Darren Wilson would not be indicted.

As if that wasn’t enough to cause people to explode in violence, they waited hours until after the decision was made to announce it to the public—long enough to give people time to seethe and eventually boil over and long enough for the media to be ready to broadcast the reaction to the world.

They were asking for it, even before the day the decision was made. They kept building up to it for weeks, everyday adding more kindling to the fire.

When’s the best time of day to riot?  At night.  So they announced there would be no indictment at 9:15.

It looks to me like they wanted a riot and it was the perfect time and place for it to happen…with no National Guard to stop it.

Sybil was absolutely right when she said the Governor of Missouri should have made the prosecutor, Bob McCulloch, step down.  Not only has he been involved in a highly publicized case where he refused to indict policemen for shooting down two unarmed suspects in 2001, his father, brother, nephew, and cousin all served with the St. Louis police and his mother was a clerk.  Could he have done the fair thing and indicted Officer Darren Wilson? Yes.  Could the closed trial have presented evidence that proved Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown? Yes.   But why do it behind closed doors if you’re really interested in gaining the trust of the public or if you really care about improving the relationship between law enforcement and the community?

The whole thing was put on to gain sympathy for Darren Wilson and cause the conversation to be more about rioting in the streets than the killing of another black unarmed teenager.

As long as property has more value than a black person’s life nothing will ever change.

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21 thoughts on “Ferguson Was Asking for it, But Why?

  1. Wilson did not chase Mike Brown down the street shooting at him. That was a lie spread by the same “he had his hand up” people. All lies to spread hate. You need to forget all the lies that were spread and sit down and look at the evidence that was given the grand jury.
    Don’t let these people lie to you. Don’t let them make decision for you. Don’t let them control you.

    • hahahaha. aren’t you being ‘controlled’ by the ‘evidence’ presented to the grand jury? i LOVE bottom line commentaries: MB, EVEN IFFF A MISGUIDED TEENAGER (UNARMED), DID NOT DESERVE TO BE BUTCHERED LIKE AN ANIMAL. oh, i forgot. that is how you people see ALL BLACK people—as ANIMALS. no wait, dw has LOWERED us to DEMONIC.

  2. This article should talk about how the media is portraying black people in a negative light. Don Lemon is the worst of them. Everytime he comes on the air, I turn him off. He really is stupid and uninformed and pushes his on agenda. You can do better Tom Joyner!!

  3. DeAndre Joshua, 20, was murdered on the same night of the Saint Louis Grand Jury announcement. DeAndre was shot in the head, and then a flammable liquid poured on him and set afire inside his vehicle.

    Perhaps coincidentally DeAndre Joshua also fits the social profile of an eye-witness who gave a police/FBI statement and testified before the Grand Jury in the Mike Brown shooting case. If that were the only coincidence it might be easy to dismiss. Alas, it’s not. Out of an abundance of caution for other witnesses we are avoiding outlining the most direct connections – however, they are not in doubt.

    As you are aware he was an employed black male, with no history of drug use or illicit behavior. In the Canfield Community marijuana is not considered illicit, nor does weed really qualify as drug use – it’s as common as tobacco. DeAndre was also a friend of Dorian Johnson who is currently under protection.

  4. Marie Dickens on said:

    Maceo – My son is a college graduate and had job choices, but chose to become a PO. Out of a class of 60 the majority were either college graduates or ex military. They are good professional men and women placing their life on the line daily to protect and serve. I am sick of people grouping all police officers in one big bad group. Many of the good officers are leaving because people tend to judge them all the same as a group and assume they know what should be done in any given situation. As in any profession, you have good and bad workers, the police officers do not get the respect they deserve for the work they do! Most are hardworking men and women who want to go home to their family at the end of the day too. And, it’s not all about the pay.

    • TRUTH be told, i have seen the actions of GOOD & BAD POs. just like there are passionate, PEACEFUL protesters and flat out plain TROUBLEMAKERS. if cops feel bad about being lumped into a group, i say, welcome to the club. BLACK people for centuries have been JUDGED as ONE instead of as INDIVIDUALS. how many times have we heard it when ONE BLACK person acts unruly? ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE ANIMALS. we are the ANIMALS? have you seen the history of white people on campuses, after a pro-championship win, when things don’t go their way? SHM!!!

  5. Maceo Furman on said:

    What we are missing in all of this, the murders, the shootings, the arrests and the beatings is that 1. Cops are underpaid. 2. The low pay causes many people to choose the job as a last resort rather than a desire to serve and protect. 3. That group of cops (as opposed to Law Enforcement Personnel & Peace Officers) have no intention of adhering to their sworn oath to uphold and FOLLOW the law.
    The solution? Double the pay and demand that they be worthy of it and their uniform. Demand that they cease being an embarrassment to all Law Enforcement Professionals that are dedicated to keeping their oath and doing their job. Stop allowing them to hide behind the “blue wall” and pay for their crimes of physical / sexual assault and murder just like all other Americans are expected to do.

    • i wasn’t under the impression that they were in it for the money. they KNOW going in HOW much their income will be. i was under the impression that the primary incentive was TO SERVE. MOST of us are well underpaid for our services. that does not give us the EXCUSE to be mediocre and passionless in our jobs. if you don’t like the job—DON’T DO THE JOB!

      • Maceo Furman on said:

        I did not mean to imply that the good officers were in it for the money; how could they me? I only meant that the good ones should be paid a larger percent of their worth and the bad ones deserved to be paid with a prison cell.
        The low pay causes a shortage of good law-abiding citizens to undertake that burden. That, in turn, forces police departments to lower their standards and accept warm bodies with psychotic minds in order to have enough people in the streets.
        Twice the pay would mean a better class of persons from which to hire.

  6. did you see the tv interview? this was his FIRST time firing his gun. this was his FIRST kill. he has been ITCHING to get practice. if the interviewer had not asked for REMORSE, WHEN was he ever going to give it. but like he said, rather proudly, he wouldn’t change a thing.

  7. African American woman on said:

    Hey Tony. Wishing you and your family a wonderful thanksgiving and Christmas as well and am so happy to see progress and positivity in our people!

  8. African American woman on said:

    Thanks for asking Tony, Ill be glad to tell you. Firstly, I work and am pursuing my Bachelor’s at the same time. I mentor through the Big Brother, Big Sister program. I raise my children which include two young men to be productive and intelligent and to value education and community. I am a homeowner who is active in my community with the young people. I’ve also made it abundantly clear to my children that if they decide to break the law and/or go to prison, dont call me. This is not only in word but is also reflective of my own life. We must own our lives, choices and destinies in this life in order to succeed in any measure.

    • SINCERE congrats! i, too, am working on a TOUGH LOVE program addressing these issues! wishing you and your family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING & a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  9. here is the PROBLEM. we can’t hear HIStory (MIKE BROWN). what i hate is how we are supposed to take wilson’s version as GOSPEL. we saw evidence that MB was not JESUS. but wilson had the upper hand. he was the adult. the PO. the one with the gun. we are led to believe that MB went to his car, started punching the PO and proceeded to take his gun to kill him??? come on!!!!!!!!!

  10. African American woman on said:

    Nancy, you are so right, but I guarantee you’re going to get the normal black response to common sense. Do these sound familiar? You don’t understand-your people were not slaves…the evil white man hates us and will never let us do anything. Im black and have felt for so long that no one or thing can do as much damage to us a people as we continue to do for ourselves. Its truly pathetic and so, so sad.

    • Your comment of whites where never slaves shows your ignorance. I have white ancestors who were brought to this country as slaves in the exact same punishing condition as the african slave trade.
      But I am happy to be here. What ever suffering my ancestor went through has paid off because now his offspring is in a country where they can prosper.
      But now you are going to tell me that my argument is mute due to white previlage.
      I live in a an area that is mostly black. I get the opposite of white privilage. I get passed over for job plus promotions because I am white. I should move but this is where I grew up. This is home. With the few incounters I have with black privilage I still have friends here and I will survive.
      You will not fix race issues in this country with all the negativity and hate I see posted here. Only a mutual love in God will fix this problem. When we stop seeing race as a difference, then we will be fine.
      BUt we have race agitators who profit or entertain themselves with pushing hate and division. We even have some people trying to turn blacks against God by saying “why do you worship the white mans God”
      so on and so on…………………..
      Don’t let these people control you

    • aftrican american woman. i am a BLACK man. i agree with your comments. question: what you are doing, besides making intelligent commentary, to HELP the situation?

  11. African American woman on said:

    As long as we burn down our own communities and then complain that no one wants to do business in our communities, kill each other in record numbers, have children and not raise them to be successful-education wise or anything else, lack personal responsibility, blame every one and every thing for our problems, others will continue to see us as less than. Look at too many of our people treating themselves and other black people like nothing. What do you expect to happen?

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