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Michael Jackson’s son Prince is about to turn 18 in February, and according to Radar Online, his family is dreading the day that he officially becomes able to handle his own money.

“As Prince Jackson gets ready to turn 18 his family is concerned that he is growing up too quickly,” a family insider told the website. “There are also big concerns over his inheritance because he will be an adult with more money than one can even imagine.”

Prince is still dependent on the allowance from his late father’s estate, which remains controlled by a trust that will begin doling out money in increments when Prince turns 21.

But another source said that Prince has been making moves with some of his money and that he will be set to receive those funds on his birthday.

“Prince has his own money that he will gain access to on his birthday–money that was invested properly on his behalf,” the source said.

The family is concerned that Prince “has been distancing himself from his siblings for some time now,” especially Paris, 16.

“Prince is young and arrogant and seemingly already considers himself to be royalty,” the source said, noting that he won’t pay attention to what his grandparents’, his legal guardians, tell him.

“Overall he is a good kid but he is definitely realizing the power he has – especially now that he is about to legally become an adult.”

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14 thoughts on “Is Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Headed For Self-Destruction?

  1. Obviously someone’s been whispering in this kid’s ear, telling him what he’s entitled to just because of who his father was. It’s sad and not something that Michael would have wanted. MJ worked hard for nearly 40 plus years to attain his level of success in the entertainment business, almost to the point where it may have indirectly attributed to his death. Say what you, want about him, but he was one of the shrewdest business in showbiz and nothing was handed to him. Hopefully, this boy will learn that only hard work will open all the right doors for you

    • And stranger wont? I think not. Say what you want about the Jacksons, It I better to spend you money on people who take you as your family than a bunch of money strangers. Look what happen to MJ. A bunch of OUTSIDERS who were money hungry try to ruin MJ.

      • You are so right!!! MJ should have kept his father in his life instead of going off with the strangers that eventually helped him screw up his life. I am not a MJ fan, haven’t been since the Thriller album. You could see the changes with him. Light skin, pointed nose. Wasn’t the MJ I grew up loving. Happy Thanksgiving and have a good day.

    • You people do not know this kid. But you have already past him off as a bad seed and The Jackson Family as blood suckers. We have never heard any negative press about this kid. However, you judgmental creeps talk about The Jackson Family being blood suckers like you personally know them. You only get your information from second hand gossip. Stop speaking on this family life as if you personally know them, you don’t… Stop listening to trashy celebrity websites, magazines, and dumb Wendy Williams.

    • We know that but MJ took care of them so that makes them his kids just like Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitts is taking care of Zara. Debbie Rowe was the one who told MJ that he need to be dad and It was HER idea to have these kids and MJ took them being the kind-hearted person he was in 1996 after he divorced that other user LMP. They both just decided to keep the real ID of these kids quiet.

  2. Sounds like he is a straight A student, with plans for college. There may be cause for concern about his business collaboration with Justin Beiber. I don’t know how much of Beiber’s bad press is cultivated image, or out of control spoiled brat. At least Prince doesn’t get all his money the day he turns 18; the article indicates it is in trusts until he is 21. He’ll receive more that he had as a minor, and so that he will can learn to control his money and assets, before the whole responsibility falls to him. Of course he’ll do foolish things, and make mistakes. That is what 18 year olds do.

  3. A lot of BS. Not listening to his grand parents? Which grand parents? If its Joe and Katherine, that’s a bit impossible, since Katherine and Joe don’t live together or hardly communicate. In addition to the fact that Michael’s kids knew he didn’t like his father.

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