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Former Harlem Globetrotter veteran Kevin “Special K” Daley has moved on from the famed basketball squad after a decade, but he hasn’t stopped inspiring people.

The 6’5 basketball player turned author has a new book out I Never Stopped Smiling that talks about his accomplishments both on and off the court. A native of Panama, Daley dealt with tragedy early on.

“When I was three, my mother committed suicide,” Daley says. He moved to California when he was 12 and says that he wasn’t expected to go as far as he has.

“I never had any doubts that I would reach [my goals]. I had a true passion for basketball. If you have  true passion, there’s nothing that’s going to stop you from reaching that goal. Mine happened to be basketball. For others, it’s something else. I couldn’t see anything stopping me from playing.”

Daley says to achieve optimum success, finding your passion is essential.

“I think its very hard to do if you don’t have a passion in life. They do have to find some type of passion. Find whatever it it is that you’re in love with and use that as a driving force to get you to where you need to be.”

You can buy I Never Stopped Smiling here. 

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