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If you remember the 90’s you remember Troop’s hit “Spread My Wings” and “All I Do Is Think Of You.”  They’re back now with a new CD, appropriately titled The Return.

The California based quintet, who still have their original lineup won the 90’s talent show Puttin On the Hits. Rodney Benford, Reggie Warren, John Herreld, Alan McNeiland Steve ‘Random’ Russell are childhood friends who achieved five #1 singles, five gold and one platinum album during their 90’s heyday.

Their new single, out now, is called “Never In A Million Years.”

“With the first single, we tried to stay consistent with a familiar sound that the fans are used to,” Steve says. “Just come back with a familiar sound before we take off.”

Troop took a break from recording to take care of some business and handle their personal issues, which they admit included some internal strife.

“When you’re confident you defeat anything. That’s our whole mindset, Total Respect Of Other People,” says a member. “Things happen for a reason, because you have to go through something to get out of it,”

Troop was profiled on Unsung, which certainly helped fans reconnect with the group. They also appeared on the BET Awards earlier this year, with Color Me Badd and Silk, which featured their signature ‘falldown’ move.


Blast From the Past: 90’s Edition
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