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It’s looking more and more likely that the Ferguson Grand Jury could have a decision this coming weekend.

There are reports that it could happen as soon as tomorrow, Friday.

Here’s why.

Through law enforcement officials briefed on the plans, CNN’s Justice Correspondent Evan Perez is reporting that the grand jurors are preparing to meet on Friday for what looks like their final session.

The official says a decision on whether to charge Officer Darren Wilson is possible on the same day.

It had been stated before that the jury had seen all the evidence and heard from all the witnesses.

But, we are also learning now through the official channels that prosecutors are preparing to present more evidence to the grand jury before starting deliberations; something Defense Attorney Mark Geragos finds unusual.

And that may be good news for the people fighting for an indictment and what they say is a more open and transparent jury trial of the officer.

If a decision does come Friday, prosecutors are expected to give law enforcement a 48 hour notice before the announcement is made public on Sunday.

But given all the leaks Mark Geragos and CNN’s Sunny Hostin told Anderson Cooper, don’t count on it remaining secret.

If that happens it increases the likelihood of unrest because the leaked decision will have no explanation from the prosecutor and the evidence won’t have been released.

And one more thing while we’re at it.

The prosecutor has said he may keep secret the names of the grand jurors out of concern that they may be put at risk.

The whole world is watching and waiting.

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25 thoughts on “Ferguson Grand Jury More Unpredictable Than We Thought

  1. Don lemon is an Uncle Tom, he even met the killer of Michael brown, this killer should be dead by now if the black people really wanted justice because the jury is consist of white people and they will say they don’t find the killer guilty based on the history of this country😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you remember George Zimmerman walks free from killing a black man in 2012, you black folks have lost your mind by fighting back the racist america that is killing us

  2. Emma Cate on said:

    PinkPoodle, Your advice to stay home makes sense regardless of the verdict and regardless of how you feel about the verdict. There are plenty of people who will be trying to stir up trouble and there is no point in being part of a crowd that makes it easier for the troublemakers to do their mischief.

  3. Emma Cate on said:

    The FBI statistics for 2012 show about 2600 blacks were killed, with 2400 of them killed by other blacks, and about 200 killed by whites. Check it out.

  4. Emma Cate on said:

    The Economist magazine, in the 9/13/14 issue, has a graph based on FBI data that shows that in 2012 the homicide rate for the entire USA was 4.5 per 100,000, BUT the homicide rate for black males was 100 per 100,000 in the 20 to 24 age category. This means blacks (ages 20 to 24) are being killed at a rate 22 times higher than the national homicide rate, and 93% of them are killed by other blacks! Black male rates of homicides are higher than black females or whites (male or female) in all age categories, and in each category blacks are doing about 93% of the killing of other blacks. The other 7% of blacks are killed by people of other colors.

    It appears that part of the racial divide in the USA is that no one seems to care when blacks kill blacks, but riots result in the rare occasions when a white kills a black, even if they do so in self-defense.

  5. Emma Cate on said:

    Will the signs “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!” that are on display in Ferguson, help produce any real “Justice” in Ferguson? For example:
    • Will President Obama go to Ferguson to request that the residents of Ferguson honor the US legal system and work via legal channels, if they disagree with a grand jury decision to not charge Officer Wilson with murder?
    • Will someone find out what caused the “gentle giant” to become a giant bully? Was he on drugs? Had he joined a bad gang? What was wrong?
    • Will people like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson apologize for inflaming violence, when their claims of Wilson’s guilt were based on incomplete information?
    • Will Michael Brown’s parents apologize to the Asian store clerk that their son abused?

    NO! None of the above examples of true justice will happen, because true justice is NOT the goal of the Ferguson mob of demonstrators or their leaders. Obama is seeking black votes for democrats. Sharpton, as usual, is after money and power. Michael Brown’s parents are after money. Mob members are after some combination of excitement, power, loot, etc. Apparently most mob members are too stupid to understand that the grand jury is the way our legal system has been designed to seek “justice”, so the mob is trying to get their version of justice with an old fashion “lynch mob”. The mob isn’t interested in “justice”, the only thing the mob will accept is for Wilson to be charged with murder. Their “minds” are made up, don’t bother them with any facts that prove Wilson was defending himself.

  6. The whole world is watching and waiting.

    No they are not. People in Iraq and Mexico have real problems, rob someone and fight with Police you are going to get shot

  7. Bruceketchum on said:

    Negroes need segregation.They will NEVER respect white authority. They have segregation by choice in Chicago and their crimes are accepted.

  8. Ebola Jenkins on said:

    wooh-ooh-ooh…. waAHHHH!!!!!!… AAAAAHHHH!!!!.. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!…..
    nah-nuh-nuh-nuh nah-nuh-nuh-nuh WHITE Gurlz. nah-nuh-nuh-nuh nah-nuh-nuh-nuh Grape Soda.
    Free Tookie!!!.. Justice for Kevin Watts!!!!… Street-Justice for Ferguson!!!…
    nah-nuh-nuh-nuh OBAMA-mama….
    Only 36 more looting-days til X-Mas!… No genetic impulse-control…….

  9. Am I the only one that is so sick of this story? They are going to close the schools (because, of course, they are all about education) and they have the National Guard poised and ready (which speaks volumes) and the have the POTUS on their side (which stands for NOTHING) and they have Al Sharpton (race baiter/tax evader) and we have the United Nations NOT in mama and daddy’s favor. So why are we paying attention to this? One day I’ll be dead and it won’t matter what I think, but while I’m alive I’ll say this: I will never hire a black person. They have spoken. They are getting what they want.

    • And one more thing: I speak this only because the entire country seems to be focused on this. If this is the best the black community has to offer (oh wait a minute….black? African-American? Negro? What is the word I’m supposed to use????) then I want no part of it or them. Shame on them.

  10. E. Z. Lancer on said:

    I hope that the GRAND JURY stays out until the SNOW MELTS ! If the LOOTERS, I mean RIOTERS, I mean PROTESTERS get out of hand…..just HOSE them down…..

  11. I’m sorry but isn’t blackamericaweb, black entertainment television, Miss black America and UNCF all racist titles?????????????????????????

    • odell garrett on said:

      We wouldn’t need BET if MTV would have played black music, we have been excluded from the American dream since we were kidnapped and all history taken from us about our selves

    • No Sam they’re not. The only time the word racist is used is when a white person is accused of it. If we had anyt title referring to white people….then all of a sudden there’s racism involved…

  12. Logan9778 on said:

    Let me guess. King Obama is going to have the jury killed, then make sure his own verdict of guilty is delivered to the people.

  13. Why does Don Lemon still have a job on CNN? Is it because they want to continue embarrassing AfricanAmericans? After his latest dumb question about rape, why is he still a reporter?

  14. This whole situation of racial hatred, racial injustice, and racial inequality is so shameful. America has created this mess, and now they want protection? America, you were and still are bold enough to practice racial hatred; so you should not be afraid of its consequences.

    Black people are beyond fed up with your insensitivity. This world was not created just for you!!

    • mikeh420 on said:

      Sorry, EIB, but this whole situation of racial hatred, racial injustice, and racial inequality is so shameful. Black America has created this mess, and now they want protection? Black America, you were and still are bold enough to practice racial hatred; so you should not be afraid of its consequences.

      White people are beyond fed up with your insensitivity. This world was not created just for you!!

      The black man’s worst enemy is another black man. From the time of Trayvon Martin’s untimely death until the trial, over 10,800 black men were killed by other black men. Very rarely a white cop shoots a black man.

      • Very rarily does a white cop shoot a black man? WTF are you smoking? It happens damn near daily only the most questionable make it to the national news level, many are swept under the rug. Luckily they are now also shooting whites and their tactics are being more closely watched and scruntinized. Keep living under your rock and pretending your world is so much more insulated from reality. Glad it’s the blacks causing all of YOUR problems! America’s deflection of responsibility program is still working for some. The community I live in is the same, they want to believe it’s so much better than “their” neighborhood, but we are being shown we all live a cars ride away LOL

    • whites are more TIRED then black I was beat up by a black man at work my brother was raped by blacks got aids and died and your tired read the forgotten slaves we need a Irish history month black s will never learn right from wrong white people are tired of you no matter what I am for the white cop MR LEMMON YOU SHOULD BE FIRED

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