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The New Orleans Police Department is in trouble for letting a staggering number of serious sexual offenses go uninvestigated.

The NOPD Special Victims’ Unit has got to do better than this. According to a new report, five detectives did virtually nothing about more than 1,000 instances sexual crimes and child abuse. Just looking at 1,290 cases registered from January 2011 to December 2013, only investigated 179 incidents. To put that in better perspective, detectives failed to file follow-up reports on slightly more than 86 percent of the cases.

One investigator identified only as “Detective A,” flat-out did not do any kind of investigation into a case where a 2-year-old child had to be rushed to the emergency room after allegedly suffering a sexual assault. Despite the fact that the child tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease, he closed the case without filing any charges against a potential offender. According to him, the toddler didn’t share any information that would warrant an investigation.

He’s been switched to patrol duty, and his supervisor was also transferred.

The report cited one officer, who stated that he did not believe “simple rape” should be considered a crime. You read that correctly; an officer of the law said rape should not be a punishable offense even though it violates a person’s basic right not to be physically violated. Apparently, someone’s unwelcome sexual advances just aren’t a big deal. BTW, rape is defined as unlawfully compelling someone to engage in sexual intercourse whether physical force or duress. That sounds like a crime to us!

It’s unclear how that officer may have come to this disgusting conclusion, but we hope that officer has been stripped of his badge.

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