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Is Beyonce’s baby sister getting married? That’s what US Weekly is reporting. Solange Knowles, the 28-year-old younger sister of the entertainment dynamo is scheduled to tie the knot with video director boyfriend Alan Ferguson this weekend in New Orleans, where she lives. US Weekly says that the duo will host a movie night on Friday, a rehearsal dinner on Saturday and then the small wedding will take place near her home with a guest list that includes friends and family. Reports say that the two have been dating for about five years.

This won’t be Solange’s first time at the rodeo – or the altar. She married Daniel Smith and gave birth to a son, Juelz Smith, now 10. The two co-parent and Knowles has since worked as both a recording artist and a deejay, putting out a well respected album Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams in 2008. Though she’s teased a follow up project, nothing has manifested yet. She’s become best known in recent years a a fashion icon and celebrity DJ.

In May after the star-studded annual Metropolitan Museum Costume Ball, Solange and brother-in-law Jay-Z got into a physical altercation in an elevator at New York’s Standard Hotel, which was acquired by TMZ and went viral. Though the two have apologized for the fight, and speculation has been rampant about what caused it, they’ve made no further comment. Beyonce, also in the elevator, referenced the fight in the “Flawless” remix with Nicki Minaj saying “Sometimes sh–t goes down when it’s a billion dollars in the elevator.”

Aside from his career as a video director, little detail has surfaced about Ferguson. Although reports have speculated that he’s 5o 0r 51 years old – almost twice Solange’s age, no one has confirmed or denied it.

Our question: If the reports are true and a wedding is happening – will Jay-Z do a toast?

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