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Contrary to popular belief, Nick Cannon isn’t ready to start dating again! Although there are many rumors about cheating and moving on while going through his divorce with Mariah Carey.

“I’m good, man,” he said. “I’m great. There are a lot of people after me right now. I gotta slow it down. I’m trying to slow it down and stay focused. Family is the first thing and my kids are most important.”

Cannon had a night out as the DJ at a 1 OAK party in Las Vegas Tuesday night, and that’s when he told People he was in good spirits. He’s keeping his head up, even though he’s going through a very public divorce.

As for the perfect woman for him he said, “I couldn’t even tell you right now. That’s a tough one. I haven’t thought about that one.”

He continued with, “I’m just taking it one day at a time. Obviously the dating thing will come down the line, but right now I’m just slowing down.”

Nevertheless, Cannon isn’t slowing down his career. He’s seems to be focus on working more than ever. He’s gotten behind another Nickelodeon show through his production company Ncredible Entertainment titled “The Drop,” aka “K Pop High.”

The teen comedy series will focus on three teenage girls who are in a boarding school and share a love for Korean pop music.

No casting has been completed as of yet, but the series eyed production dates between December 2014 to mid-March 2015.

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