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Former “CSI” actor Gary Dourdan can’t catch a break when it comes to his finances. Or maybe he doesn’t need a break since he’s already broke!

Dourdan filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time as he is $1.5 million in debt. In 2012, he also filed chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to the Jasmine BRAND.

He claimed to have $1.8 million in assets, but owed $1.73 million to various creditors. $1.6 million of what he owed belong to several banks — including Union Bank — who was going to foreclose on his home.

He didn’t complete the bankruptcy. Therefore, he didn’t have his debt discharged. The actor said in his documents he expected to get more acting roles in order to pay off his debt.

But recently, he filed for bankruptcy again back in late September. This time he claimed to have $988,000 in assets. His current assets include $1,000 a piece in household items, a watch and clothing. His LLC is worth nothing while having $20 on hand and $1,000 saved in the bank.

He has $949,000 in debt on his L.A home mortgage; he owes $200,000 in back taxes; he owes American Express $1,400; he owes Time Warner $626.

Also, he owes $130 for a traffic ticket, which is small. But he also owes $4,368 in fees as a result of criminal probation, which is bigger. He owes $2,000 a piece to a Marina Del Rey hospital and storage unit as well.

As an actor and a musician he makes about $11,500 a month. But his monthly expenses total are about $11,302. This leaves him with $198 after he spends the rest.

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